Winter Spirit/getaway Jan 2017


Anybody thinking of doing a trip late Dec/early Jan?


Sure am! Already booked the one leaving on the 24th dec :slight_smile:



Which one did you book? Getaway or spirit?
Still deciding on which date I’m leaving but I will be in London a few weeks before :slight_smile:


The 24 day spirit one :slight_smile: I’ll be in London also, although not a few weeks before but a week instead haha. Unfortunately couldnt get too many days off work :frowning:


I’m only going to be in London before because I’m doing natrualisation for a British passport haha - so if my passport comes in time I might leave on the 24th! Fingers crossed! Are you travelling solo? :slight_smile: so excited!!


Hi there i have booked the 5th of jan winter spirit im from New Zealand


Hey Jake
That’s awesome - have you booked your tickets to London yet?? :smiley:


I was thinking of doing the 3rd of Jan to the 26th
Winter spirit


hey… me and my sister just booked for the getaway leaving on the 14th of jan


OMG ME TOO! CYA there! I’m from Sydney Australia!v :smiley:


I’ve just booked for the 5th of Jan 2017. Just because it was a guarantee tour. :smiley:


I’m probably going to land up on either the 2nd or 5th of Jan winter spirit! :slight_smile: as much as I would love to leave on the first one I can’t! Anyone who’s in London in Dec i will be around :smiley:


Yes i have booked my tickets from nz im going to berlin first for bew years then across to london @tanstravel


I’ll be in London from the 16th of November! Love to do something with you in london (first time in london)!


I will be around then @fastball6613, here way before as I’m sorting out my UK passport :slight_smile: we can meet up when you’re here!!

@Jake7 enjoy Berlin - so happy winter spirit stops there :smiley:


Cool I’ll get in contact when I book everything! and have a definite time when I’m available! :slight_smile:


I’m doing winter getaway leaving 28th December :slight_smile: spending a week afterwards in London as well. I’m from Brisbane, Australia!


A friend & I are spending a week in London and have booked Winter Spirit leaving on Jan 3rd, from Victoria, Australia :slight_smile:


Ill be doing the winter spirit tour from the 5th of Jan :slight_smile: im from South Australia


I am a first time solo traveler from Sydney Australia, thinking about doing the 12th of Jan trip. I want to do an earlier trip but I might do the Iceland explorer trip before hand. Have you decided on what date you are going to do? And is anybody doing the date i might be doing??? :smiley: