Winter spirit feb4th


Hi[br]My sister and I are booked on the Winter Spirit tour starting on the 4th of Feb. We were wondering if there was anyone else on this trip with us and if so did anyone have any ideas on certain things they want to do or see so that people could group up for if they want to.[br][br]Look forward to hearing from you[br]x


Hi,[br][br]I’m also booked in for the Feb 4 Winter Spirit tour. As yet, I’m not sure exactly what I want to see, I was thinking of winging it for the most part as I will be on a fairly tight budget - I have been in the UK for the past few months - but am open to other people’s ideas and to going around to see things in a group.[br][br]Did you have any specific ideas in mind?



I’m booked for Feb 4th Winter Spirit too. I am planning an itinerary of things I want to see in each country - I would be happy to send an email with the details once I have something drafted up :slight_smile:

In general, I am interested in the main tourist landmarks. Is this something that you are interested in?