Winter Spirit Feb 9


Hi, is anyone going on the Winter Spirit trip leaving Feb 9th?



I was looking at going on this trip, it sounds so good! I might be going with a friend, but probably by myself.

Was going in to get brochures tomorrow.


Hi good to hear someone is going as well. I’m all booked I’m heading by myself!


I’m booking tomorrow and am going alone… my friend pulled out :frowning:

Good to know someone else is going!

Would like to get to know you beforehand :stuck_out_tongue: Why are you going alone?


Hey good to hear! I’m heading over to europe for a year for work/travel- this trip is to start of the year and get situated in Europe.

are you heading over just for the tour or are you staying in Europe?

Oh I’m Louise!


I’m Emma :stuck_out_tongue:
Yeah, just for the tour. Might spend a few days in London beforehand, but I need to get back to Aus pretty much straight after. That’s cool you’re spending the whole year there! Good way to get acquainted with Europe :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you staying in the clink the night before the trip?


Planning on it, but haven’t booked it yet.


Hi Euro2012, Im also doing a working holiday for a year or so after my trip (and doing more tours in between). Im doing the winter getaway on feb 4th. where are you planning your working holiday to be?


Hi Chantelle- I’m a primary school teacher so at the moment hopefully I’ll be travelling more than working! I’ll start off based in London and see where I end up inbetween the Winter Spirit, St Pat’s day, Anzac Day and a Northern exposure trip. What other tours are you doing??? Emma I haven’t booked either I’ll leave it closer to the time I think


Hey! I’m doing the ultimate European + Greek islands tour with contiki in June (it’s very similar to topdeck mega European). I’m gonna sign up with London pub co and live and work in a pub hopefully in the heart of London if everything works out but might move around a bit later in the year if I get sick of it. How exciting! Are you doing any other tours? I’ve changed to January 21st winter getaway to save myself a bit of money :slight_smile:


Hi anyone else going on this tour? It’s getting closer, very exciting!


Hi! I’m doing the Spires in the Snow tour 22nd-28th Feb and I’m pretty sure it’s part of your tour (if my counting of the days is correct). Are any of you in Europe already? x