Winter spirit feb 25th


hey there just wondering if anyone is doin the winter spirit trip on 25th feb would be good to hear from anyone else :slight_smile:


Hey Scotty :slight_smile: Im doing the winter spirit tour on that date too - just doing my 3 week countdown now hehe not that used to the cold so should be a very interesting experience ;D


Hello Scotty and Suzie,
I too will be joining you both on the 25th :). Should be pretty exciting and I can’t wait to visit all the destinations and meet fellow travelers. What are you both most excited for?


hey suzie and lenny good to hear from some people on the same trip to. Yer i cant wait for the trip i currently living in uk and its been cold but not as bad as it was in january wit all the snow. I pretty much looking forward to all different places on the trip but germany might be a fav for me.


Hey guys :slight_smile:
Im pretty much looking forward to all the places that we’re touring, but am especially looking forward to Poland and Prague, since I have a little bit of Czech heritage in my blood :slight_smile:

Doing countdown now until the day I leave and have been annoying people at work which they now probably know more about than I do hehe u guys doing anything before and after the tour?


Yeah I feel the same way. Each destination sounds exciting in it’s own unique way. I’m looking forward to our time in Austria, as well as our stops throughout Eastern Europe.

I’ll be in London the week before we meet up. I’m flying in early for the opportunity to explore the city and see the sites. Like you said Scotty, I hope the weather isn’t like it was in January and it is more mild these next few weeks. :slight_smile:


Hi Scotty, Suzie and Lenny nice to meet you just to let you know im going on the same tour as well i cant wait i just had my farewell party because i got a holiday working visa but going on this tour first i wanted to see europe before anything else. Suzie great to know that there is going to be another auzzie chick on this tour when are you flying to the uk im leaving on the 20th flying out of sydney but flying from cairns first. So nice to meet you all and im looking forward to hanging out with you guys in europe.


Im flying in to London on the 23rd so not much time to go around before the tour but have a few days after to look around London, but Ive been before so just going to places i missed last time…

well not that long to go now…look forward to meeting u guys soon :slight_smile:


Yeah im packing my room and stressing a bit because i have way too much luggage to take its already over the limmit and i still have more to pack. Only because im staying for a couple of years. And yeah it is getting so close now only one more week for me.
So ill look forward to seeing you over there


Hi All,

I’ll be joining you on the Winter Spirit 25 Feb - heading to London on 19th to spend sometime with my cousin before the tour starts. Finished up with work on Friday and looking forward to my 10 weeks in UK/Europe. Am too, feeling a little nervous but excited too… look forwarded to seeing you all. Gracie


Hi Gracie and everyone else, so how is the packing comming along everyone?
Hey Gracie where do you live in Australia. And i know how you feel when you leave work for the last time you then know it is close and you start to get more excited. I have spent 1 night at home in the last 3 weeks i have been out everynight with friends im going out again tomorrow night saying my goodbyes. And flight centre has stuffed up my transportation from the airport so now they are giving me private transport now so that it great. And ill be staying at the generator from the 21st on wards if anyone wants to catch up before hand if you are staying there.


Hey all,
Packing is going well. There has been the tough decisions of whether to bring things or leave them at home, but overall packing is smooth. I was wondering if others were bringing a sleeping bag? The Top Deck “Travel Advice” from the website suggests bringing one for the EuroClub excursions.
Anyways. We’re about a week away. I’m excited to meet you all and have some great times. :slight_smile:

Tracey (and others) I will be checking into the Generator in the late morning on the 24th. I’d love to get a chance to chat or maybe go exploring for the day.

Take Care,


ok Lenny sounds great we will deffenetly have to catch up and no im not packing a sleeping bag i cant fit it in and i was having a look at all the places that we are staying in and they all seem like they have sheets and stuff although there are some places that look a bit dodgy but most of them have good reviews and i have to pack quite a bit because im staying for 2 years so packing for me is killing me.


Hey Lenny, Im not bringing a sleeping bag but i am bringing a sleeping bag liner…I just want to sleep in the comfort that its more hygienic hehe

Im checking in at the generator on the 23rd and the next day going on a day tour to windsor, Stonehenge and Bath, so may see you all down at the bar the night before we leave :slight_smile:

Last day of work tomorrow and then Im ready to go on the holiday of my life :smiley: