Winter Spirit Departing 26th December 2015


Hey guys

Two of my friends and I have booked to go on this trip departing London on the 26th.
We’re from Perth, Australia and its our first time going to Europe.
We are staying at the wombats hostel for a few nights before the tour starts.
Just wondering if anyone is booked to go on this trip :)?


Hi Soph
my two friends and I have also booked this trip. We’re all from Perth too.
We’re joining the group in Paris on that night.
glad to see some other locals 😊


Hi Soph,

Chantelle and I (and our friend, Emma) are also hitting up this tour. We will be in London for about five days then heading to Paris. We will meet the tour in Paris on the morning of the 27th. Chantelle and I have done bits of the UK and France before.

If you’re there a few days before hand make sure you head to some sights. The bus tours are great but it’s nice to go inside the Tower of London and eat at Borough Markets.

Nice to meet some more Perthies on the tour. B-) Trust me we’re everywhere! lol.


Yayyyy, can’t wait to meet you girls.
We are deffo going to see some of the sights when in London.
Can’t wait to meet you all its going to be epic!


Hi everyone!

My boyfriend and I have booked the winter rhapsody tour which joins the winter spirit tour in Rome on Jan. 1. We are from Canada. Anyways looking forward to meeting everyone!!


Hey Sophie!

Im 20 from NZ Auckland and am going on this tour! Ill be at the hostel the night before as well! So exciting.


Hi everybody!! Less than 3 months to go before we’re on tour!!! Can’t wait :smile:
I’m Carolyn, 34, from Melbourne. I’m spending xmas in Sweden and will be joining the tour in Paris on the 26th for the group dinner and city lights tour. Trying to decide what to do in Paris for that afternoon before I meet the rest of the group coming from London. So many choices!!!
But my pressing issue is definitely cheering on the mighty Hawks in the grand final next weekend over the West Coast Eagles. (Sorry, Perth girls!!) Win or lose, I will definitely be taking my footy scarf with me to Europe!! :wink:


Hi jaime
Can’t believe how quick time is going :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!
If you add me to Facebook ( sophie Mclaughlin) we can organise to have a drink on Christmas night or something! Can’t wait to meet you :ghost:!


Carolyn Xmas in Sweden will be beautiful FREEEEEZING but beautiful.
Better not let me get my hands on that Hawks scarf I’m a big west coast support I might do some terrible terrible things to it :yum: haha!

@jennyj I didn’t no that the winter rhad joined us in Rome YAY how exciting!!!


Hey hey
Add another Perth girl to this list :slight_smile: I too will be at Wombats 25/12. Good to know there are a few others too for pre-tour/Christmas celebrations.
Does anyone have any ‘must do’ activities planned?


@SamChuck hey girl, YAY so glad to here we have another Perth gal joining on our adventures!! You will have to join our Xmas celebrations (whatever we do)!

Do you mean during the tour? Well I hope to do sky diving in Switzerland but that just depends on the weather I have heard it’s amazing!!!


Skydiving over the Swiss Alps is definitely on my to-do list as well. Glad you’re up for the jump, Sophie! I also want to ski in Austria, once I’ve done the Sound of Music tour. I’m thinking of doing the hop on-hop off bus in Paris for the free day, as it will take us everywhere and we can do and see just about everything that’s top of any tourist’s list. I had thought of spending the day at Disneyland…. :slight_smile:


Disney is on my to do list but was thinking of catching the Eurostar over after the tour was finished. Minnie ears and a selfie with Cindy :wink:
Ditto on the Switzerland jump. I wanted to go to Moulin Rouge in Paris, but I’ve heard mixed reviews… ???


@sophiemacca yep on the tour… To be honest, lots of ‘food to-do’s’ hehehe


@cjtaylor @SamChuck YAY I’m glad you guys are keen for the jump I’ll have a look into the hop on and off tour :slight_smile: And I’m keen for skiing in Austria but I didn’t think we could do both the sound of music tour and skiing though?

I’m doing another month around Europe after the tour and I’m doing disney land within that time. What’s everyone’s plans for after the tour?


Hey @sophiemacca
I only have a few days in London after the tour and I want to do a day tour out to Stonehenge and probably a day trip to Disneyland. I’ve been to Europe before but a while ago :slight_smile: When are you all travelling over to London? I want a lame Christmas jumper for the occasion!!!


@SamChuck I fly into London on the 21st plan on doing all the main sites plus harry potter world, Camden markets and possibly a theatre show, I also want a “lame” Xmas jumper for the occasion!


I’ve also got a few days in London after the tour. Only thing I simply MUST do is Harry Potter world!! Everything else will be decided on the day with whoever is still around at the time.

Is there anyway of finding out what time the tour group arrives in Paris? Given I need to meet you guys, I don’t want to be out and about and be late for dinner!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello all!

My name is Lil, my partner Michael and I are from Cairns, Aus and will be on this tour. We will also be at Wombats for christmas. Looking forward to it!


Hi Sophie!!
My name is also Sophie and I’m from Bridgetown (3 hours south of Perth)!! How crazy is it that there are two Sophie’s from wa going! :slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️ I’m staying at the wombat hostel the night before! Would love to catch up the night before!