Winter Spirit departing 21/1/2010


Hey just wondering if anyone else is going on this trip???[br][br]Lauren


Hey Lauren,[br][br]I am also doing this trip. I am by myself, and am staying at the generator hostel at the start. I starting to get excited, not long now. Are you doing the tour with anyone.[br][br]Lesley


Hey lesley yeh not long to go it’s 3 days till my friend an I leave australia for paris we really excited!!! Yeh I’m doing the tour with a girlfriend of mine.


Hey,[br][br]Are you guys staying at the generator hostel before tour departs? I am going to be there on the 19th. i am going to big day out first, as i had a ticket before i booked trip. Are you guys going to do moulin rouge show, or the train in lauterbrunnen? I was thinking about doing skydiving there. not sure what i can afford. I am 20 by the way.[br][br]Lesley


Hi Lesley, i am also doing this tour and staying at generater hostel the night before. i am also doing the tour solo and am 21 :slight_smile: we should meet up the night b4 for a drink and to see if we can find anyone else doing the tour aswel![br]I want to see the moulin rougue to, but didnt really wanna go on my own so if your still interested we should go!![br][br]Jonesy


yeah i will definately be keen to meet up the night before. i am 20. moulin rouge sounds good, i think it is a good idea to book it there. wanna meet in the hotel bar?[br][br]


Hey girls, Yeh lesley i am doing the tour with a friend of mine, Allie We are actually flying into paris on monday the 18th of January and were staying at a hotel called hotel du theatre in paris. yeh were going to the moulin rouge were going on the tuesday night, the 19th. so your both more than welcome to come with us if your in paris when we go. oh btw both allie and i are 19. Were soo excited! its 2days till we fly out for us sooo were mega excited. See you soon. [br][br]Lauren


Hey guys,[br][br]omg, its almost time!! I am already in the uk staying with family!![br]Lesley - meeting in the bar sounds good!![br]Yay im so excited to see the moulin rouuge!![br][br]Jonesy