Winter spirit december 29th 2012


Hi All,

I’ve just booked in on this tour and wondering if anyone else is as prepared or as excited as I am?

I’m yet to travel or see snow so I’m REALLY keen to get over there :slight_smile:

I know it’s early days but if anyone is thinking of this trip departure date, let me know, it would be good to know some others before hand.


Hey there! Im super organised too! I have also booked :slight_smile:

When are you flying over? I am from New Zealand, live in Brisbane, but going to Christchurch for Xmas, so will be flying direct from Chch to London on the 27th

Snow is amazing, swiss alps for new years going to be awesome!!!


Oh, so glad I’m not the only crazily organised person :slight_smile:

I land in London Christmas morning, 10.40m! Flying with Air NZ so we go via NZ haha

What date are you flying home/Where in Bris are you?



me and my 3 other friends are doing this tour too !! SOOOO excited for it !!! cant wait to FINALLY see snow and have my first real overseas trip ;D


My friend and I are going to be doing this trip too :slight_smile: is anyone else staying at the clink 78 for a night or two beforehand?


Hi…, We are also planning for this trip. But still the date is not confirmed. Soon I am going to post the details of my trip.


Hi again!

I am booked in at clink the night before and will probably do another 5 days after!

I dont fly back to Brisbane until end of February :slight_smile:


Hey All,
My friend Alisa and I are also booked on this tour. We cant wait till its december :slight_smile: we will be in london for 2 or 3 nights before the tour starts, Never seen snow before either, so its very exciting :slight_smile:


Hi all!

I’m from perth and just joined this tour!!! Im graduating uni this year and embarking on a 10 week trip on my own around euro whilst the boy stays home!! I arrive in London on the 27th of Dec!!



Hi all,

I’ve just booked in for this trip. So excited!!! Can’t wait!!! :slight_smile:

I graduate uni this year but I’m more excited about this trip than graduating haha


Hello everyone,

Traveling solo for the 1st time so I’m super excited to be going to UK & doing the winter tour.
Is anyone doing the 27th Dec to 13th Jan trip??

Will be in London from 23rd Dec as I wanted to do Christmas (white xmas) hopefully :stuck_out_tongue: before going away for the 18 days… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



Hey everyone,

My friend Sharna and I have booked this trip. And we are both super super excited!!! We arrive in London on the27th december and are staying at clink78 the couple of nights before and 3 nights after too… Can’t wait for December to come!!! ;D


Hi there everyone. I am also going on this trip. I booked it all on my own and was so excited. Then two of my best mates decided to come and now another 4 great friends are coming. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I am planning to stay and work in London after the tour for 6-12 months.


Hey Woo Hoo more people on tour :slight_smile: lol looks like most of us are aussies. only 6 months to go :smiley: not that im counting. Yeah my mate and i will be staying at the clink78 too, should be arriving boxing day, Will have to go out and have some Pre tour drinks :slight_smile:


Hey All, I have just made a Fb page for this tour the link is!/groups/407085332676220 if you would like to join :slight_smile:


I can’t seem to get into it. But I’ll give it a go again later. You should go to the tour meet section of the top deck fb page too. A few people have written there too.


Okay, if that doesnt work maybe you can by typing in facebook Winter Spirit 29th Dec 2012 :slight_smile:


Hey again! Is anyone travelling on afterwards? I am in Europe until Feb 28th :slight_smile:


Hi courtney. I’m planning to stay in the UK til November but most of my friends leave a week after the tour ends


Hi guys
Im joining from Melbourne and will be in London on 27th Dec. I’m only doing the first part of this tour until Rome.