Winter Spirit December 19th


Just wondering who else is joining this tour? I’m looking forward to New Years Eve in Vienna!


I am, happy times! Yeah Vienna New Years is going to rock, so is Christmas in Roma.


Anyone else joining Veronica and me?



Hey, guys. I’ll also be on the Winter Spirit Trip, leaving December 19th. I’ll be arriving a few days early to possibly make a trip to Ireland and/or Stonehenge. What is it, Christmas in Rome and New Years in Vienna, right. Well I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m really looking forward to skydiving in Switzerland ;D. Take Care, Tom.


me me me!! :slight_smile:
can’t wait but trying to pack is stressing me, panicking that i’m going to forget something important!


Finally got a sleeping bag small enough to pack! I’ll be joining you in Paris (I’m there for a week first ;D).

Tam, pack less - buy over there if you’ve forgotten anything!!

Stacey B-)