Winter spirit dec 9th till jan 1st 2010


just wondering who’s going on this trip? i was planning an earlier trip but due to no guarenteed departure i was worried the trip would be cancelled. Being away for christmas and new years would be amazing!


Hi Ali,

That is why I rescheduled my winter vacation. I called Topdeck for a certain tour, and they told me as of now, it will be canceled, since it wasn’t guaranteed. non guaranteed departures need to be at least half full to depart.

Hope this helps


Hi Ali,

Join me on the 19th - Christmas Day in Rome and New Years Eve in Vienna!!

Stacey :slight_smile:


I’m going on the 9th Dec Trip!


my email is, would be great to talk :slight_smile:


bit late in replying, but i just booked my place. i’m going alone. first time i’m going overseas by myself so i reckon i might just be more than a little scared.

can’t wait to spend christmas and NY’s overseas =D


Hey guys, my friend and I are going on this tour :slight_smile: we’re veerrryy excited!!
NY’s in Amsterdam is going to be wicked!


hey all.

i’m also booked into this trip.
first time overseas by myself, anyone want to chat/ get in touch before then?
also looking forward to NYE in amsterdam :smiley:


Hey, im booked on this trip and this is the second tour i’m doing thru Europe - last year i did a contiki tour and it was awesome. First time traveling alone so its going to be a different experience. Anyone staying at the Clink a few days before the tour starts?


Hey, My friends and I are booked in for this tour aswell, CANNOT WAIT! and yeah we are staying at the Clink a few days before :slight_smile:


cool, what you guys got planned before the tour starts?


Hi everyone, my friend and i are also going on this trip and are really looking forward to it! We too are staying at the clink hostel a few days before! See you all soon!