Winter spirit dec 29


Hi all,

I’m a solo traveller joining this tour on dec 29 landing at heathrow on the 27t. I’m from Perth Australia and just seeing who else out there will be joining this tour!


is that the flight from Amsterdam arriving Heathrow at 9am? Im also arriving on the same day and doing the same tour!
Ash ;D


I arrive from Kuala Lumper at 530am :slight_smile: Staying at the 78 hostel- im in europe for 3 months on my own!


Oh cool I’m staying there too, guess I see you in 2 weeks then :slight_smile: I cant wait for the tour!


Hi I am also from Perth Australia :slight_smile: am going solo and I am staying at Clink 78. I arrive in London on the 26th. So excited! Look forward to meeting some new people and visiting some amazing places!


Hi I am from Perth as well, travelling by myself and I think I am on this tour… my dates from the site says leaving the 28th of December on the Winter Spirit, but I am sure its the same thing. I am hoping to meet up with the tour in Paris, not London, seeing I will be coming from Austria. I only booked flights today, so I am very excited about it!