Winter Spirit Dec 23rd


Hi all,

I’m booked in to do the Winter Spirit tour dep 23rd December, and am trying to figure out what winter clothes and shoes I will need, before they completely disappear out of Aussie shops! I have bought a down filled goretex parka which I think will do the trick without too much layering - but the big question is shoes! What is everyone else taking in regards to shoes? I know there will be quite a bit of walking, and I have never had to do that in places where it is snowing and in minus temperatures - so genuinely have no idea about suitable footwear - at this stage am thinking of just my old Doc Marten boots!

It is going to come around so quickly - I can’t wait!!! Any help on the above would be much, much appreciated!

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hey there,

I’m gonna be on the same tour as you (there’s a thread that was started a while ago)!!! In terms of shoes, I’m planning on taking three pair. My Docs for walking (they are very comfortable and waterproof!), my chucks for going out in at night (because my docs look like they are steel capped), and a pair of thongs because there is no way I’m trusting my feet to hostel showers. Basically what you need is something comfortable, but because there is snow, it needs to be waterproof as well (the moisture will just seep through otherwise and you don’t want cold feet!)

Hope that helped out a little bit


P.S. 84 days till the tour departs!



Places like Paddy Palin, Snowgum and Kathmandu stock Ice breaker clothing all year round. I can highly recommend it as they have great layering pieces. Also, if you have a pair of leather hiking boots, these are the way to go. Don’t even think about sneakers as your feet will freeze in them.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Heya, I’ll be joining you guys on this trip as well.

If it’s snowing then you will want something waterproof, but the main problem is when the snow has melted and then frozen again then you have black ice. As in you don’t see it when you are walking along the ground until you start slipping & sliding. So just be careful. But most European cities are good about putting sand and salt on footpaths so that will help when walking on them.

Also layer up as it’s freezing outside but all the building will be really warm so when you get inside you will have to start taking your layers off.