Winter Spirit Dec 16 2010


Hi all,

Just wondering if there is anyone out ther booked on this trip? My wife and I are booked. We are meeting the group in Paris, anyone know what time roughly we would have to meet?




Hi Les,

I’m joining the Winter Spirit tour on the 19th in Paris. I’m told that we should expect to meet the group at the Paris hotel around 5pm. This also matches what happened that last time I was on a Top Deck tour departing from London - they arrived in town around 3pm, so I’m assuming the difference in time is so the rest of the group can get settled before the Group Leader has to check you in.

Stacey :slight_smile:


Cheers for that Stacey!

Anyone know what the hostels in general are like? Am concerned about staying in Bungalows as well!!! SOunds um… interesting!! lol




I’ve heard the Amsterdam place isn’t too great. Heating problems or something along those lines.


I believe I’ll be going on this trip.
I’ll be heading off to London, however, so I guess we’ll meet along the way!
Are yougoing to France a few days before the trip begins?


Hello all, my name is John and I will be going on this tour from London. I’m from Melbourne Australia, 24 years old and travelling by myself! Looking forward to meeting all of you on the trip in a few months time. :slight_smile:


Hi John
’tis good to see others who’re going on this tour. All the other threads for the Winter Spirit are raging, but this one is very quiet, lol.
Anywho, hopefully we’ll have awesome people on our tour.
I’m 20 and am also travelling by myself…that’s gonna be a bit scary :o
So when are you heading out to London, John?



Hi Janine, yeah it has been quiet, it shouldn’t be because when I booked the trip I was told there were only two spots left!

I am actually spending some time in Greece visiting relatives, before heading to London for the start of the tour. I’m not sure exactly what date I will head to London, but I will probably aim to get there a few days before the tour starts, maybe on 13 or 14 December.

I wouldn’t worry about traveling solo, I’ve spoken to dozens of friends that have done trips like this and they reckon it’s the best way to do it. I was quite hesitant to do it initially but after speaking to them I thought stuff it why not!!

So how about yourself, when are you heading to London?



Gee, you booked in time, huh! When I booked there were 8 places left! Didn’t think these tours would be that popular!

Ya, I’m getting into London on 12 December…at least that’ll give me time to get over my jet lag.

Have you experienced a European winter before?

Can’t wait! I’m actually counting down the days (how bored must I be?!), but yeah, we’ve got about 72/73 days left to go.



I have, I went with friends about 2 years ago. We were there in January to February. Greece and Italy were cold but manageable, England was freezing especially up north!


Hey guys,

good to see there are a few people posting on here now! We are having a few nights in the North of France before joining the tour in Paris, so we will catch up with you guys there! Should be nice and warm I think!! Hahaha… Especially Poland!!!



Haha, absolutely! I’ll be packing lots of shorts, and sleeveless shirts for Poland. B-)

Check you on the tour!


Hey guys, I will be staying at The Clink on December 14 and 15. If anyone on this tour is around on those days and wants to meet for a drink before the tour starts let me know B-)


Hi Guys,

I’m Mikey, from Sydney and I’ll be coming along on this tour as well! It’ll be lovely to meet you all. I’m travelling alone as well though I suspect I’ll have more than a few jackets wrapped around me to keep me company! I’ll be in London one or two days before the tour begins.



Welcome aboard mikey!


Greetings fellow tour buddies!

Thought I jump on board and introduce ourselves. My name is Kylie, and my friend Ashley and I are on board this tour. We’re 23/22 and from Perth. Very glad that someone created this thread, been wanting to find out who else would be on our tour. Sounds like we’ve got a great bunch of people - looking forward to meeting you all in person.
It’s officially two weeks today until we fly out, so starting to get rather excited now :slight_smile:

Quick question to the group - is everyone taking a backpack or suitcase on tour? I know it’s recommended that we take a backpack, but after doing a trial pack on the weekend, I know that I won’t be a withstand a 20kg bag on my back for longer than a few minutes (I’m short and puney you see). Do you reckon a backpack will be ok?



Hi Kylie! (and Ashley!)

First of all welcome! It’ll be fantastic to meet everyone in person soon! To answer your question about packs vs. suitcases, I’ve found using a pack quite convenient in the past. I dare say you won’t have the pack on your back for more than a few minutes at a stretch in any case. I’ve found it easier to just throw the pack on and get to where I was going rather than drag/carry/kick a suitcase along. It’s really a personal preference though. Whichever you feel most comfortable using is the answer for you in this case :-).



Hi Everyone,
My name is Kerri, i am 22 and I have been living in the UK for the last few months although I am originally from Perth, Aus. I am on this tour and will be leaving from London and travelling alone. I went to Oktoberfest with Topdeck and it was really good fun so looking forward to this tour! Kylie and Ashley where in Perth are you guys from? Hopefully all the snow we have had lately here wont be a problem as apparently it hasnt snowed this early for years!!
Looking forward to meeting you all. Someone bring some sun from home!!