Winter spirit dec 15th


Whos having christmas and news years with me? :slight_smile:


Sorry, not me. But I am happy to see people putting up winter post. I am traveling on Jan 2nd and have found no one else on the tour yet.[br][br]Andrea


Hey! My best friend and I are on the winter spirit over xmas and new years!![br][br]Awesome to find someone else!! Can’t wait!!


Hey! I’m on the same tour as well!!! I cannot wait!!


Woot! It’s exciting to find two others on tour!


Hey,[br][br]I leave on the 13th if that helps!


He![br]I thought the tour started on the 17th Decemeber, i arrive in london on the 15th december for the tour to start to on the 17th?


I’m on the Winter Spirit that leaves on the 10th. When I booked (a few months back) there was only one December option that included xmas and new years, so I just assumed that the original post meant that tour, and just mistook dates!..however top decks website says there is another one leaving on the 17th…:slight_smile:


Hey[br][br]I’m on the one that departs on Dec 17th. I fly in on the 15th as well!! I’m so excited!!! 15 weeks to go!!! :slight_smile:


Hey, i cant wait to go either, at least I know of one other person that is going to be on the tour! :slight_smile:


hey im so excited to hear others are on my tour i was starting to think i was the only one lol, mine leaves london on the 17th too :)[br]


Haha… Same here. Are you guys traveling by yourselves or with friends? I’m traveling on my own.


Im travelling on my own too :slight_smile: I leave melb on the 15th, ive never been overseas so very excited [br]


I’ve never been overseas either, I’m so excited but so nervous at the same time. Especially because I’m traveling on my own. I fly out from Sydney on the 14th and have 2 days in London beforehand.


Hey, yeh im travelling by myself too! its gonna be weird cos its my first time overseas by myself, where are you guys staying before the tour starts?


Oh cool. I haven’t quite figured out where I’ll be staying yet beforehand. My boyfriend currently lives in the UK and is organising all of that for me. But I’m thinking I might suggest the hostel that the tour departs from or one near by. Have you found a place to stay yet?


cool! yeh im booked to stay at the generator hostel, i think its the one the tour leaves from, but after the tour finishes im not sure where im staying yet.


Yeah, the tour departs from and returns to the Generator Hostel. I’m most likely going to stay there before and after for a bit now.


oh yeh cool, yeh im at the generator before hand, but im looking at staying somewhere else afterwards near there in the bayswater area.


Hey guys, great to see im not the only one doing it alone, cant wait to meet u we are going to have an awesome time! Just hope i can save enough spending money. Im studying at the moment so i’ll be hanging for this break. Im staying at the generator hostel before the tour. Trying to figure out all the stuff i need is hard, i dont wanna have too much stuff, ill get there lol What are u guys doing for money over there? trying to find a card thats good so i dont have to pay too much on fees