Winter Spirit 8th Jan 2013!


So this tour has just turned guaranteed and I’m getting super excited! ;D
Who else coming or thinking of coming along? Can’t wait to meet everyone and have an awesome adventure!
:slight_smile: Ren


Hey! I plan on going January 8 too!


I’m also going on this trip! My first trip in Europe, pretty excited.
Waiting until i fly over is going to be hard.


Find me on facebook: ally dixon or !!!


sure, for anyone else in this group looking for me on fb or to send an email: ;D
feel free to send me a message/questions/ whatever or just say hi!


yeah im travelling alone.
I made an open Facebook group for the tour.
Figured fb is more convenient for chatting/keeping in touch/ sharing photos afterwards, and more people might see it.


Hey all,

I’m in on this as well. First time in Europe, travelling solo. Will be in London from NYE til departure, staying at Clink. Jumping off the tour in Amsterdam then going freelance around the Schengen countries, Ireland and Scotland til April. Give us a shout if anyone has similar plans. Not long to go now - getting pumped for New Years!


Hey there! A few of us will be at the Clink from early Jan, will have to all meet up for some cheeky beverages! Join the fb group! :slight_smile: Getting super pumped now!