Winter Spirit 8th Dec 2011


Hey everyone! Is anyone else booked into the winter spirit tour leaving London on the 8th of Dec 2011? If you are it would be great to hear from you beforehand! I’m an 18yr old aussie girl travelling by myself so it would be nice to know some names before the tour starts :slight_smile:


hi, my cousin laura, betsfriend georgia and myself liz, are going on this trip were all 20. where abouts are you from in australia? GET EXCITED :slight_smile:


Hi liz, I’m from Bunbury WA (2 hours south of Perth)…haha yes I am definitely getting excited!! Less than 4 months to go!!! ;D


Hi girls! I’m 18 from Tassie Australia and looking to come on this trip too! Very very excited but just double checking all plans cause i’m travelling alone also! :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I’m 23 from melbourne and very much looking forward to this trip! I’m also travelling by myself so good know i’m not the only one! Is anyone else staying on in London for new years at the end of the trip?


YAY!!! finally some people who will be on this trip!!! I’m 21 from Brisbane and beyond excited for this trip!! Glad to read that some people are travelling alone, as am I, we’re not alone!! Lauren, I was planning on stay on in London for New Years… Fun times ahead!! :slight_smile:


Yay, its great to know I’m not going to be only one travelling by myself!!! Definitely looking forward to meeting you all there!! And yes I’m staying in London for NYE too, and for a few days after that as well :slight_smile: Are you guys going to be staying at the Clink78 hostel, or somewhere else?


Hi all,

Myself (Jesse) and my partner Tarryn will also be on this trip! Can’t wait… we’re staying at the Clink on the 5th, 6th and 7th

Look forward to meeting you all!


Hi everyone,

The tour is getting closer…78 days to go I think!! So excited! Can’t wait to meet everyone & start our travels around Europe ;D ;D
I tried to find you all on Facebook, but could only find a few of you! So I’ve made this Facebook group:!/groups/150249935069587/

(I hope the link works!)


I’m also going on this trip by myself and I cannot wait!!
It’s getting soo close!


Hi everyone!
I’m Nicole and I’ll be coming with my sister Lauren, we are 20 and 22 from NZ!
We are both VERY excited!! Not long now…


Hey everyone, my name is Adrienne and I’m 24, also travelling alone. Great to see lots of Aussie and NZ girls around my age! Can’t frikkin wait. Ps I’m from Perth :smiley: