Winter Spirit 7th Feb, 2013


Hi everyone,

I have just booked my first ever European adventure! I’ll be leaving from London for the Winter Spirit on the 7th Feb, 2013. I am travelling alone (another first) so if anyone else is going I’d love to chat so I have a friend!!

Any advice too is greatly appreciated as I have never gone anywhere this cold before :slight_smile:



Hi Ashley!

I am definantly keen to book this trip for the 7th Feb!
As soon as I have the cash I am locking it in!!!
Im also from Australia, however I live here in London!
I did a Topdeck tour at the start of the summer, and I was travelling by myself and absolutely loved it!!!
I also just did Oktoberfest with Topdeck which again was amazing!

As for the cold- if I last through the English winter i’ll let you know! Hahahaha
But I’ve found when packing/travelling that less is ALWAYS more haha