Winter Spirit 7 Mar 2013



I am a single, 22yr old Aussie female, who is going on the Winter Spirit tour which departs London on 7 March 2013? :slight_smile:



I’m doing a portion of this trip (The Spires in the snow) which is the Budapest, Krakow, and Prague cities… Would be nice to know someone who will be on it with me!


Hi girls, I’m also doing this Winter Spirit trip :slight_smile: I’m 24 and from Australia. Will you be staying at Clink78 leading up to departure? I arrive in London this coming Tuesday 26th! Looking forward to meeting you both :slight_smile:


Haha, I’m actually a single, 30yo kiwi guy who lives in London now :-). I probably should have mentioned that…

It always seems to be us kiwis and aussies who are the adventerous ones to do these tours…

I’m only on a portion of the trip so I guess I’ll meet you guys in Budapest!


Haha oh sorry, minor detail! See you there!



I will also be doing this trip alone. It’d be nice to know some of the people I’ll be traveling with before hand! I won’t be joining until Budapest, either.
I’m 22yr old Canadian girl (currently lives in London).



[color=800080][font=Comic Sans MS]Hey guys. Another 2 Aussies to join the trip :slight_smile:
My fiance Shaun and I will be staying that the Clink78 also EliseJ, but just the night before.
Shaun will be glad to know there is another guy, even if it is for a short while. There seems to be a lot more females who do these tours then males.
Cheers, Caitlin[/font][/color]


Not long now!! Join the facebook topdeck page and the meet others convo for this trip :slight_smile: There is another aussie guy in that convo that can keep your partner company :slight_smile:
Loking forward to meeting everyone!