Winter Spirit 6th December



This is just a shout out to anyone going on the Winter Spirit tour starting on December 6th.

My names Amy, I’m from Queensland in Australia, just finished second year uni and getting pretty excited to be heading to Europe!
Im travelling with a friend and were both planning on spending some time in Britain after the tour so if you’re keen to join let us know :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting you all!



I’m Sophie, I’m from Newcastle NSW. I’ll be one the same top deck trip! I’ll be in England for a bit after the tour but I’ve got no plans yet!

Looking forward to the trip!

See you all soon!


Heya girlies!!
Me and my chickas are excited for a great time!
Just finished highschool and had my 18th last week and I just broke up with my long term bf and I’m supa excited for tha tour!
Also looking for somewhere to stay after in London!
Cya soon chickas xoxo Amanda