Winter Spirit 5th of Jan 2017


Hey guys, I’ve just book my tour for the winter Spirit for 5th of Jan 2017! I’m so excited first time! Just wondering how many new faces am I going to meet?! I’m from Sydney, just wondering whos going to be on my tour! :smiley:


I have booked that same trip im from nz


OMG YAY! Hope to see you there!


Im thinking about going on this tour! Im from Mount Gambier in SA :slight_smile:


I was considering booking the trip maybe a few days after, I am also from Sydney. Is anybody doing the later January trip? I havent seen anybody doing the trip I wanna do :sweat_smile:


Im from brisbane and i am going on it!


Hi!!! Im also from Sydney, and me and my best friend are going on this tour! so excited to meet you all :slight_smile:


I’ve just booked - from Brisbane. Super super keen. Anyone let me know if you want to chat before trip!


Just booked my spot on this trip (so exciting!!) I’m from Christchurch but been living in the UK since May :slight_smile:



I have also booked this trip and am from Brisbane! Is anyone else going solo like me or will be in London a few days before it begins?



When will you be going on your winter spirit trip? Because i’m also from Brisbane and plan on taking the December 27th winter spirit trip - whilst arriving in London two weeks beforehand :slight_smile:


hey I’m going solo on it too! I’m in london beforehand but with my sister cause she lives there! I’m also from brisbane!


hey I’m from brisbane too! are you doing it solo?


oh that is awesome! yeah i’m catching up with friends and family too. i’ve booked the wombat hostel for the night before the trip starts so maybe i’ll meet some of you guys then!


Hey guys! I booked this trip a few months ago and didn’t realise this chat existed! I’m coming with my boyfriend from Perth and we are both super excited! do you guys know where the pre-accomodation is for this trip in London? Is it the wombat? :slight_smile:


yeah it is the wombat hostel! :slight_smile:


Yeah! half terrified, half excited haha


yeah i am from brisbane and yes i’m going solo!! sorry for the late reply this messaging system is not good haha


Dust off those skates and get in the winter force at The Village of Baytowne Wharf’s Baytowne On Ice. For those guests who miss the cold and ice, our regular ice skating rink is the wonderful chance to distribute some of your favourite holiday customs.


Hey! My friend Emily and I are on this trip from NZ :blush:. We’re staying at wombats tonight and tomorrow night if anyone else is around!