WINTER SPIRIT 5th January 2012


Just wondering if anyone else is doing this tour, would be great to meet some faces before we depart on our tour.



I’m Michelle. I’m doing this tour as well. I’m travelling solo, and it’ll be my first time in Europe. I haven’t found anyone else doing this tour yet. Are you solo or with friends for this trip??


Hey Michelle. I’m going with one other friend. This will be our first time visiting Europe too. We are very excited :slight_smile:


i am a fairly new traveller and myself and two friends will be in london beforehand (28th Dec), looking forward to it!


That’s great to hear my friend and I arrive in London on the 27 December. Very much looking forward to it all :slight_smile:


Hey I arrive in London on the 28th Dec as well!! Are you all staying at the clink hostel? It should be an amazing trip :smiley:



Im Kaitlyn, doing this tour as well. Good to see some other people!
Im staying at the Clink hostel the night before, what about you guys?
So excited!


Hi Kaitlyn, Michelle & Everyone else!

My name is Avril & I’m doing this tour aswell. I’m going on this tour solo.
I cannot wait! It’s my first time travelling Europe & will be celebrating my 21st on the tour aswell.
I will be arriving in London on the 27th of December.
I’m staying with relatives in London until we depart on the 5th of January.

What are everyone else planning to do before we depart on the 5th?


Hey everyone,

I’m staying in the Clink Hostel the night before and after the tour. I’m thinking of heading to Paris a couple of days with my sister before she leaves for her tour, but of course I’ll be doing the general touristy things (plus a day trip out to stonehenge and out to leeds castle).

Does anyone know when the optional activites get released?? :slight_smile:


Im going solo as well, Avril, how awesome to have your 21st on tour! Mine is a couple months before the tour.
I arrive in London on the 20th and staying with family as well.
Wanting to go out to Stonehenge and a trip to Bath and hopefully a day trip to Scotland as well all before the tour! haha
Don’t know about the optionals but i managed to print a copy of last years before they took them off the web! Hopefully they release ours soon!!


Wow, Lots of people are doing this tour. Before the tour we are going to Oxford and we are also do a full day tour of Bath, Stonehenge and Strafford Upon Avon. With Viator tours for Stonehenge etc. My friend and I are also going to Disneyland Paris the day before the tour and we are meeting you all in Paris. We haven’t confirmed our London accommodation yet though. 5 months tomorrow until we leave Brissie, just a little bit excited.


BTW. My name is Kelly. Forgot to mention that in my original message. very excited to hear that somone is turning 21 on the tour. I will be having my birthday a few days after our tour ends, though I’m a bit older then 21 :P. We are doing a two week tour of the UK on our own after we get back from the tour. =)


Hi, my name is Karyn - I am doing this tour with a friend. We’ll be arriving on the 27th of December and staying at the Clink Hostel too, but disappearing to do the Hogmanay tour for New Years :slight_smile: Optional extras have just gone up recently, so much to see for my first trip to Europe! I look forward to getting to know you all in 5 months!


My name is Ashlee I’ll be on this trip with my Cousin Shannon (he lives in Brisbane).
We arrive on the 28th Dec and staying at the Clink for the week before starting the tour!


Hey everyone, it seems like majority of people are staying the Clink Hostel the night, or days before we leave for the tour. Maybe we can meet up so we’re not all strangers on the tour. I’m sure we will basically run into everyone anyway since it doesn’t seem like the Clink Hostel is that large of a place.


My name is Amy. Three of my friends and I are doing this tour. We are staying at the Clink Hostel the night before. We get to London on the 27th of December. We are all from Perth and are so excited!! We are going to Spain after the tour too. Seems so far away atm.


Hey Amy, My cousin and I are travelling to Spain after too! Barcelona and Madrid before flying to Brissy after a week…


Hi my name is Kim. My friend and I are doing this tour as well. We arrive on the 29th spend a couple of days in Paris and then head to London before the tour. We are also staying at the Clink Hostel the night before we leave. Can not wait! :slight_smile:


hey my name is Amanda, I’m also doing this trip solo, I’ll be meeting you all in Paris.
Amy I am also from Perth


Hey everyone!

My name is Karen and my friend Rebecca and I will be doing this tour aswell. Its our first time in Europe and were both sooooo excited ;D

We’ll be staying at the Clink a few days before the tour. Cant wait to meet everyone!!