Winter Spirit 4th Feb - 27th Feb '16


Hi guys, Wondering if anyone else has booked this tour? My partner and I are travelling from Australia, we’re both very excited!!! :smile:


Hello, I am coming on this trip as a solo traveller! Getting excited. I’m also from Australia


Hey Hannha! Not long now, are you staying in London before the tour? We’re staying at the YHA on Bolsover street for the 2 nights before the tour starts. Will and I are both 18 and from Sydney, this is our first solo trip, where are you from in Aus?


Hello! I’m from Melbourne in Aus, I’m staying the night before the trip starts at the Wombats hostel in London, it would be great to meet you guys, if theres time when I get to London we should grab a quick drink the night before the tour starts! I’m getting excited !!


Ohk cool! We’re about to board our flight to London so will message you when we’re there but will definitely meet you for dinner/drink the night before :blush::blush::blush:


Perfect! Might be easier to add me on Facebook and contact me there, my name is Hannah Larkin. (people can rarely find which profile is mine, so its the polaroid of a girl with pink hair and me skulling a can of cider haha)


I’m heading on this one too! Am staying at the wombats hostel the night before so I’ll see you that night or just on Thursday morning :smile:


Hey guys we’ve decided to stay at wombats the night before as well so we will definitely all get together!!! :blush:


Oh awesome, feel free to add me on Facebook and we can make a group chat and organise to have a drink the night before or something :slight_smile: