Winter Spirit 3rd November 2016


Hi guys
I’m travelling solo from Australia for the Winter Spirit Trip leaving November 3rd 2016


Hello! I’m also travelling solo from Australia for this trip! I’m from Brisbane, and this is my first time travelling to Europe. Maybe we’ll be room buddies?


Hi there,

Myself and my friend Tash have booked onto this tour and we’ll be coming from Adelaide, SA :slight_smile: we’ll be spending a few days in London prior to the tour so we couldn’t be keener for the next few months to pass!

Can’t wait to meet you all :slight_smile:


I’m a US solo traveler also taking this trip. I’ll be staying at the Wombats Hostel from the 31st to the trip, so if anyone would like to meet up beforehand and grab a coffee. I’ve lived in London as well so I play a pretty good tour guide!

Looking forward to the trip!


I’m also travelling solo & am from Perth, Australia. I land on Sunday 30th & am staying @ Wombats, so some London site seeing sounds great :blush:


Hey Jade, swap coffee for champas or cider or something alone those lines & I’m there!! :blush: