Winter Spirit 3rd January - 26th January


Hi all,

I just booked on this tour and was wondering if anyone else had as well?



Hi Kelsey,
I am thinking about this tour or the one that departs a few days later, just trying to figure out how to spend new years first!
I am worried about the cold… There doesn’t seem to be much mention of it in the reviews I’ve read - not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing lol
Ren :slight_smile:


Hi Ren,
I’ve been to Europe before in winter and as long as you dress right the weather is very bearable :slight_smile:
I am spending New Years Eve in Dublin with a friend, who will be heading back home to Australia whilst I continue onto the tour. I hear Paris and Prague also go off on New Years, so they may also be good choices for you to look into. :slight_smile:



Hey guys,
I’m booked in on this trip now as well, first time to europe…

Very Excited!


Hi all,

My friend Kym and I are booked in for this tour, first trip to Europe for both of us, so we’re quite excited! Is everyone staying at the Clink hostel the night before departure?

Bec :slight_smile:


Thanks Kelsey! I was also considering Scotland for new years for the Hogmany! Too much choice! :slight_smile:
Bec, will definitely be staying at the Clink the night before, I’ll be an early enough start as it is without trying to get there on departure morning!


P.S. Loving that this is all Aussies so far! We are going to be stuck on a bus for Australia Day heading back to London…


I’ll be staying at Clink the night before as well…

Cant wait for Aus Day over there as well… what do the aussies get up to over there for it?


I won’t be staying at the clink the night before, I will be meeting the tour in Paris (going to visit a friend for a few days before the tour) But I have stayed there before and it is so much fun!!! It is a great place to meet people!

No worries Renee!! Finding somewhere to spend New Years was a bit of a challenge for me as well … everywhere looked like so much fun! Hogmanay would be absolutely amazing! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting you all!


No idea what people do for Aust day over there, I guess we find a pub! :slight_smile: I’ll miss no swimming pool with the JJJ countdown blaring!
So I’m not actually going to be on this tour now, I’m leaving on the next one so I can spend new years and a few extra days in Scotland!
Thanks for all your advice Kelsey! :slight_smile:


Hi all
I have booked this tour too. Am traveling on my own. Will hopefully be staying at the Clink Hostel the nigh before. My First solo trip to Europe. Very excited! Looking forward to meeting you all!


anyone staying at the clink for aus day? my friend and I have booked for the night before and after the tour before moving on. I’m counting down!!!


Yeah I think I’ll be staying at clink for Aus day…

Cant wait!!


Hello! Me and my friend Kara are booked on this tour so excited first time to europe! Will be joining the tour in Paris and will be at the Clink for Aus day :slight_smile: looking forward to meeting everyone.



Hi Erin,
I’m also be meeting the tour in Paris :slight_smile: How long are you in Paris before the tour?


Hey Kelsey! Excited another person is meeting the tour in Paris :slight_smile: we will be in Paris from the 1st when will you be there?


I am in Paris from the 2nd. I’m staying near the Latin Quarter if you guys are anywhere near there :). Getting very excited !


Hey I am getting so excited :slight_smile: just can’t wait! We are staying a few blocks from the eiffel tower would be happy to meet up if you wanted some company :slight_smile:


Hey, that sounds good! I think i am catching up with a few friends who are doing their semester abroad in the evening on the 2nd but have absolutely nothing else arranged for during the day of the 3rd :slight_smile:


no worries we dont have anything planned either for that day so would be good, super excited and cant wait :slight_smile:


Hey guys I have booked on this tour, first time to Europe and flying solo too!
I will be in London with my brother for New Years eve, any one around then or have thoughts on whats good at new years?
Seems most are staying at clink before the tour, get at me if you’re going to be around central YHA :slight_smile: