Winter Spirit 3rd Jan 2012


Hey guys solo traveller from Australia wondering who else is doing the 24 day winter spirit? :slight_smile:


Hi there, I am thinking about doing this tour and will probably book it at the travel show in London on Saturday 15 October. Im an Aussie though, been here for 2 years and doing this on my way home


I’m 22 from Western Australia, doing the Winter Spirit from Jan 3rd. Looking forward to it!!
Where is everyone buying their winter coats/ boots etc. from?! Looking at eBay so far…


Hey Olivia - my friends lending me her coat and ive already got enough shoes haha and I’m taking merino thermals - hopefully they keep me pretty warm haha


Hi Olivia,
I’m doing the Winter Rhapsody departing 9th of Jan from Rome. I’ve got a couple of family members who have done some travel of winter in Europe recently, and they recommend just buying all your winter stuff over there; it’s so cheap, especially compared to Perth prices, and very little winter clothing on sale in Perth will probably stand up to European cold. Best bet is to buy some thermals before you go and wear them until you can buy some warm clothing in Europe.