Winter Spirit 3rd Feb 2011


Hey Guys,

Just interested if anyone else has already booked for this tour. My friend and I are very much looking forward to this trip. If your booked on this date then give a shout out and introduce yourself!




Hi Keiran (and anyone else reading)

I am in the process of booking this trip.
My name is David, I’m 26 and I’m from Adelaide. I’ll be travelling solo, so looking to make some friends in the process.
Will be my first trip to Europe, looking forward to it.



Hey to both of you,

I’m Franky, 20, from Melbourne.
I swapped my tour from December 7th to the 3rd of February…mostly because I just wanted to be home once for Xmas with the family :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going solo now, was gonna go with my twin, but hey, first time going overseas by myself, should be a grand adventure for me :slight_smile:

Been to Europe before, but i was only 8.
Super nervous and excited!
Not long now!!



Hello! This information about trip is interesting,thanks!


Hi Kieran, David and Franky!

I’m Fiona, 23 from Sydney. I’m travelling solo as well :slight_smile:

Are you all staying at the Clink Hostel the night before we head off? I’m bound to land in London at 6am 2nd Feb.

Have you received the itinerary yet? I thought we would have received it by now (6 weeks prior to the tour).

Look forward to getting to know everyone :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

Yeah we are staying at the Clink before we leave (just to be safe) lol, Yeah I also haven’t received any info about the trip yet, but finalising everything with our travel agent next week! I can’t wait for the trip :slight_smile:
Quick question: What shoes is everybody taking?? I have waterproof hiking type shoes, but what use do I take??



I got the itinerary today! Quite excited for the trip as well, I asked my travel agent what shoes she brought and she advised a good pair or leather boots but she said she also wore converse shoes :S I would say waterproof is always good - would be the worst to have cold AND wet feet.

What about sleeping bags? We’re sleeping indoors so I don’t need a special camping one for the sub zero temperatures right? And I need a silk slip - anyone know where to get a good quality but not too pricey one?

Feel free to add me on Facebook - it would be nice to put some faces to names! :slight_smile:


Hi guys
FYI, I am already in London now and will be for the next few weeks and again for a few days before the tour. So if anyone has some questions about London or would like to meet up sometime before the tour let me know.
I wouldn’t fuss too much about buying everything before you go if you have time to do some shopping in London before the tour, as you can get a lot of the stuff here and usually for the same price or even a tad less if you have Australian dollars (thanks the current exchange rate). Especially shoes! Plus, there are heaps more coats to choose from over here.

I have received the itinerary, doesn’t seem to be much diff to the one on the brochure.
Not sure yet if I’ll be staying at the Clink hostel the night before, the quote i got seemed rather expensive for a hostel.
Fiona, when I went looking for sleeping bag liners, I found that silk slips were around $60 and cotton ones $40 and were available in most travel shops. Yes, sleeping indoors.
Also, it was strongly recommended to me to bring waterproof shoes for this time of year or to buy some good old gum boots.


(cont) Hope this information helps you all out.


Hi David,

Thanks for the information! I actually fly into London 6am the day before the tour leaves. Anyone else around that day? I will probably see if I have enough energy to go shopping for boots and explore. Would be great to meet up with anyone also in the area/at the Clink this day.

Has anyone set out what they want to explore in the cities we go to?


Hey everyone,

Im Anna, 20 from Melbourne. Ive been studying in London since September last year but my time here is pretty much up. Really looking forward to the trip.

Glad to hear there is plenty of Aussies, ive been living with a bunch of people from Europe, it will be nice to travel with people with the same accent and dont look confused when your having a conversation.

Looking forward to meeting you all!



All packed pretty much and ready to jet off on Tuesday :slight_smile: Can’t wait!