Winter Spirit 31st January - 23 February 2013


Hi all!

Just wondering if anybody else is going on or thinking of going on this trip? I’ve just booked mine, bit excited ;D


Hey Ashleigh,

I’m thinking of going on this tour as well. At the moment its between this date and the next definate departure, which i think is in March. It all depends when I can get the time off work!

So you have booked your trip…very exciting!!! Have you travelled through before?


Haha, yeah work is always the decider, I’m trying to squeeze in this tour before going back to uni :slight_smile: Traveled overseas once before, did Britain and Ireland last year, so Europe will be all new for me :slight_smile:

How about you?


I spent nine months in Dublin but unfortunatly didnt get to see much of europe or ireland at all. i figured ill come back and do it right this time.

Im planning on doing an all ireland tour after this one. what about you? Are you sticking around after the tour?


That’s unfortunate that you didn’t get to see much of Ireland, I spent about a week there, nowhere near enough time, but I had a blast :slight_smile: I’m spending a few days either side of the tour in London, I wanted to spend more time away and go to places like Spain, but between work and uni, that’s all the time I have. I’m spending those few days seeing the things I didn’t see last time, with maybe a day trip or two out into the countryside…So, Europe and Ireland, any more places on your itinerary for next year yet?


As unfortunate as it is, i dont think i will have any more time to see more than that. I would love to get to scotland and see more of Britain though. they will have to wait until the next trip hahaha.

So are you travelling by your self for this trip or with others?


Ah well, best excuse to go back then :slight_smile: Scotland on its own is worth returning for, I spent just under a week there last time and was completely blown away :stuck_out_tongue:

Traveling by myself for this trip, I like the challenge of traveling solo, even if its technically with a group :slight_smile: How about you? And given any thought to which date you’ll pick?


I have only ever travelled by myself but its alot easier making decisons as where and when you want to see something thats for sure.

I’m going to pick this trip i think, it fits in better with work. There are also some pretty cheap flights at the moment as well. Feburary seems to be a lot cheaper to travel over late March. Have you booked fligts yet?


I have to agree on that count - sightseeing is a lot better when you only have yourself to answer to :slight_smile:

Haven’t booked flights yet, still tossing up between airlines and stopovers and whatnot…but hoping to have them booked in the next week or two, fingers crossed :slight_smile:


So you said you spent a week in ireland. Did you go with a tour or hire a car or something…do it yourself i mean?


Ireland I did on a tour, same with Scotland. The tour was good for a taste of the two of them, but I definitely want to go back and explore on my own. Which is mostly the point, I guess - give the people who only want to see a few things that opportunity, and make everybody else want to return :slight_smile:


Hahaha yeah you not wrong! Did you go with paddywagon? Would you reccomend them?


I went with Contiki, last time. They were good, I met some great people, and our tour manager was brilliant, but it did feel a little rushed and only in a few places did we get a full day to explore, hence choosing topdeck this time around :slight_smile: So, where will you be traveling from? If you don’t mind me asking :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m from Brisbane. What about you?

I meant to ask as well, are you staying at Clink before the trip?


I’m from Adelaide :slight_smile: And as for Clink…I think so. I’ve had a look at the other hotels in the area, but in the end Clink might just be easier…


Yeah ive stayed there a couple of times before and its not bad. Im actually thinking of staying at the travelodge the night before the trip. Its only about 500 metres from Clink. Not sure of the cost though.

Any idea as to spending money? Per day i mean…


Yeah, I was considering the travelodge, but knowing me, I’ll just pick Clink because its easy, haha. As for spending money, I don’t know about Europe, but most of the way round Britain, even London, it was relatively cheap. Most days in London I spent less than $30 on expenses, mainly because I was too busy to be hungry, and everything is so close together you can walk to plenty of places. On balance, $50 a day is probably more than enough depending on what you do, for food, transport, entry fees, souvenirs etc. You can certainly get away with spending a lot less than that, I know I did :slight_smile:


Yeah I was thinking about the same. I guess its really up to yourself as to what you buy. I think food and drink will be the biggest hit to the budget.

So will you be in London for Australia? It’s two days after the ends. Any plans??


Australia Day**


Not too sure where I’ll be for Australia Day, yet. Be odd not to celebrate it, I think. Its definitely one of the considerations for flying, anyway :slight_smile: How about you, any thoughts?