Winter Spirit 2nd of Feb to 25th of Feb 2017


Hello everyone!
I have just booked onto the Winter Spirit 2nd of Feb 2017 tour as a solo traveller for my first ever top deck tour!
Has anyone else out there booked onto this tour? I would love to try and get to know some people before everything sets off!


Hey Bonnie. I’ve booked the same one. You should get the topdeck app add you travel details and we all can chat in group chat. Look forward to meeting you and all the others in February.


YAY!!! I downloaded the app but I have to wait for my travel agent to send me the booking number before I can get into it and she wont be back to work until tomorrow :frowning: I cant wait!


Awesome news. Talk tomorrow :blush:


Hello! Anyone else out there thinking of joining Nathan and I on this tour? Either add to this post or hop onto the topdeck app and join in on the chat section! We have to make this a trip to remember and we need more people!