Winter Spirit - 29th November 2012


I have (finally) just put a deposit on the Winter Spirit tour departing London on the 29th of November 2012!
Even though it doesn’t yet have it’s ‘Guaranteed Departure’ status, I was hoping that there might be some people out there keen to go on this tour to help change that!

Really looking forward to it!



Hey, I’m going on the 1st of December departure Winter Spirit, which is the next guaranteed departure date after yours. So if the 29th departure doesn’t go ahead I’m guessing you’d be put on that tour. So Hi! :slight_smile:


I think the only thing I didn’t like about that departure date was it’s end date. As I have to travel to Bath for Xmas with family after the tour. The 29th was a better suited date for me and my plans.
But if things do change then Hi! :slight_smile:


I’m also doing the tour that departs the 29th of November.
The dates work out a lot better for me as well, so hopefully it will have a guaranteed departure!! I am so excited, hopefully the next couple of months will go quickly!!



Yay, Shannan! :smiley:
This makes feel much better now that I know at least one other person is planning on going on the same trip!
Hopefully it all works out!



Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe this tour just got it’s ‘Guaranteed Departure’ status!!!
Super excited! ;D


I’m so glad this tour got its guaranteed departure! Super excited now that it’s a sure thing!


Hi all, I’m also on this tour - Winter Spirit 29th Nov so yay! I was beginning to get a bit worried as I couldn’t find any posts about it - whew! :slight_smile:


Hey girls! I’m Ash an will be sharing rooms, tents, bunks and a bus with you all for 24 days so it seems! Holy I’m excited as I’m sure you all are too! Counting down now… I’m going to be in London from the 15th nov. going to be so damn cold!


Hi ladies! I’m Kelly, I’m also going on this tour too! I’m from Melbourne.
I’m so excited to have found more people going on this trip with me!! I will be arriving in London n the 26th november.
Can’t wait to get going!! Not too long at all!

Kelly :slight_smile:


Hi all, I’ve created a Facebook group so feel free to add yourselves!


Is anyone joining in Paris? I’m spending an extra couple of days there before joining up for dinner on the 29th…


Nic’ee, you should join the Facebook group (link above)!