Winter spirit 29 december


Just wondering who’s doing this tour?
I am and super keen, very excited!!!



Alanna, we ended up booking this one as well (after initially planning the 22nd Dec trip)
Myself, wife and little brother will be making the journey. Can’t wait!!!


…and looking forward to seeing it become a Guaranteed Departure!


Hey guys,

Im sophie and im 19 (only a baby!) and my best friend claire (20) and I are going on the 29th tour. We are both from adelaide, are uni students and cannot wait to see what europe has to offer!! :slight_smile:


Woo hoo cant wait!
Bring on the guarnteed departure ;D


glad to see guaranteed departure!!! what’s with the price drop though? already paid the higher amount :o



My name is Hayley and my brother Tom and I have just booked this tour. Really excited as this will be the first time to Europe for either of us and we’ve been wanting to go for a long time :slight_smile:


Ours too Hayley. Pretty excited! Bring it on!!!


Japes83, you sound hot. Pics?

I’m Kyle and I’m going with my older brother and his wife. Some people call him Japes. And he was born in 83. Must just be a coincidence.


[quote=27834]Japes83, you sound hot. Pics?

I’m Kyle and I’m going with my older brother and his wife. Some people call him Japes. And he was born in 83. Must just be a coincidence.[/quote]

^^^I’ll share a room with anyone but him! Of the 14 or so countries we’re visiting I’ll do my best to lose you in each and every one of them lol

““The mature brother***””



Considering you won’t have your Tom Tom with you I doubt you’ll lose me. You’ve been trying to lose me for 24 years and I’m still here.


Kyle & Japes - You guys are a crack up! Hope the brotherly love continues on your trip!

Topdeck Team


There will be endless luuuurve, don’t you worry about that…


haha hey guys,
wasnt sure if you already know but just incase, we dont have to pay the price we initally paid for the tour, we can get it for the price shown on the website. Claire and I just emailed and they sent us out a confirmation and reciept of the changed details. saves a cheeky $300 :wink:
hope this helps!


Thanks Sophie, was also pretty excited when i saw that come down, was about the same time it went guaranteed - double the excitement!
Pretty keen for the information on the optional extras to make an appearance…


I’m going to be on this trip too!! Really excited! Still unsure about the cost though. I booked through a travel agent so would I get $300 back off the price now it is guarenteed? Pumped to meet you all in London! Are any going to be there before the tiour starts and if so where are you staying?


Hey JM (do you have a real name?!) you should give your travel agent a call and get that all important spending money back! They’ll organise it for you.
We’re staying at the Clink78 for a couple of nights before. Couple of pints might be in order if you’re doing the same!


We’re staying at the clink before the tour starts too! Makes it so much easier logistically!
5 months to go ;D



Sounds like some early beers will be in order. I believe the French call it “le drinking”…but I’m still brushing up on my French.


Definately ringing the travel agent to get my funds back!! No idea where Im staying before. Mostly likely at the Clink too!! Gonna be a exciting time. So keen for New Years in the Swiss Alps :slight_smile: Definately some “le drinking” going to be happening Kyle :wink:
Oh…my name is Jess and I’m from Tasmania!!!