Winter spirit 29 Dec 2018 to 21 Jan 2019


Hey! Is anyone going on the winter spirit trip departing December 29th 2018, it would be great to talk to some people going on the same trip!


I’m doing this on he 27th :open_mouth::open_mouth: so excited


Hey Beth, I’m doing this tour too! Can’t wait for it, are you starting in London too?


yeah i am! I’m so excited, you from australia?


I am also doing this trip! Would be great to chat to people beforehand so we know some people!


Hi Beth! My partner and I are going on this and we are from Australia :slight_smile: which part are you from?

So excited!!!


Hi! I just booked a few weeks ago. I’m going and I’m travelling alone so I’d love to chat to people before hand. Also Australian, from South East Victoria.


Hi peeps! I have also just booked this tour and am so excited! From Perth WA and would also be keen to chat to ppl beforehand :slight_smile:


Hello :blush:


Hey everyone, I don’t know what social media you guys have but my instagram is Beth.aden and my Snapchat is B3th42 if any of you guys wanted to get in contact