Winter Spirit 28th or 30th of Nov-not sure which?!


[color=993366]Hi everyone ;D
My 2 friends and I have decided we’ll be doing either one of these trips but we have a bit of a dillema… [v]
The 28th tour would be perfect as it means we would get home just before christmas but unfortunately the status of this trip is only “available” as opposed to a guaranteed departure.
The 30th is good as it is a guaranteed trip but it means we would get home on boxing day :frowning:
We would obviously prefer the 28th but we don’t know if we should risk booking it and our flights with the chance that it may not go ahead…
Does anyone have any experiences with winter tours not going ahead? Or has anyone booked into either of these trips so I can get an idea of numbers?
I really want to go ahead and book everything ASAP before flight prices start going up but at the same time don’t want to risk changing flights around (costing extra money) etc if the 28th tour doesn’t go ahead.
Bit confused as to what to do :frowning: advice would be appreciated.

Thanks! :)[/color]


Just booked in for the 30th of November! Leaving from Amsterdam now instead of London to get home in time for Xmas :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I’m from Adelaide and going on this trip too! This is my first time overseas and I’m travelling solo so it’s good to know there’s some other Aussies coming :slight_smile: lol. I’m staying in Paris for a few nights beforehand and going to disneyland so I’m joining up with the group there.

A guy from Adelaide has a forum up too with a link to a facebook page he’s made up for the trip, I’ve just joined so here’s the link if you want to as well!

Looking forward to meeting you guys on the 30th! ;D