Winter Spirit 27th Dec 16 - 19th Jan 17



It’s a deal! Although, i feel as though you should completely expect me to butcher their language, haha. Yes, we must obsess over literature though :slight_smile: Although, i am actually trying to become a writer :slight_smile:


Je parle un petit peu aussi.
I was studying French to be a French teacher but it’s my first permanent teaching role this year so I’ve taken a year break from my French studies.


Ill be on this trip along with one of my friends! We are 20, from Melbourne!!


Just booked this tour, super keen for the 27th to come round!! Solo traveler, 19 (turning 20 on the tour :tada:). Studying Paramedics/Nursing next year and thought I should see the world before I start hitting the books!

So excited to meet everyone and have an amazing time! :grinning:


I’m on this trip too! I work at a high school as a youth welfare assistant, and I’ll be studying Communications/Creative Writing next year. So excited to meet you guys!!


Welcome one and all! Please join us in the Topdeck app, we’re starting to mingle in the chat room now. :smile:


Anyone up for making a facebook group about this tour? The app doesn’t seem to be working for me :S


If you make one let me know =)


I’ve set up a Facebook page if anyone is keen to join. Type in; Topdeck Winter Spirit Dec27th 2016-17

Hope that’s all good Corey


Get keen folks! FB group created, currently shopping for new luggage, figuring out basic phrases in other languages. :clap:t2:


Found the page, Thanks Antony!

Currently preoccupied with my Uni finals; so i think it might be quite a while before i can get ready for the trip, haha. :joy: