Winter Spirit 27th Dec 16 - 19th Jan 17


Hitting up the Winter Spirit tour on Dec 27th 16! Still so far away, but for this high school teacher it keeps a goal in sight at the end of the year.

Will be travelling solo, so excited to meet some new folks and have a good laugh! :smile:


Hi Christianna, I am looking at doing this tour too - hoping to book in the next week or so! I am also a teacher (early childhood) and will be travelling solo! From Auckland, NZ - can’t wait to meet everyone :slight_smile:


I will be doing this trip as well! So excited, I am 21 and I am from Melbourne. Can’t wait to see what Europe has to offer in Winter! It will be my first trip overseas, I am a lone traveller too and looking forward to meeting new people who share a love of travel as well!


Awesome to technologically ‘meet’ the both of you, Bri and Khori! We hit the six month mark next week. Not that I’m counting down. Or anything. Already. :smile:


I am also looking at doing this trip, will probably be booking this over the next few weeks. Travelling solo as well from Auckland, NZ. When is everyone looking at arriving in London?


Being a teacher, my holidays only start a few days prior to the trip starting. I’m flying over on Christmas Day (C’moooon quiet plane trip!), which means I’ll be landing in London the day before the tour starts and staying at Wombat’s on the 26th Dec. :slight_smile:


Im lucky enough to be heading over on the 10th December to stay with family and do a bit of travel before the tour. Im also staying at wombats hostel on the 26th… Wasnt keen for a 5am tube ride on the 27th haha! :blush:


Jealous of the extra days over there, but thought I’d better be a good daughter and see my family before jetting off for a month! :smile:

Am totally keen to meet up with people on the 26th, I have no doubt that most of us will be staying in the same place.


I’m a teacher too! - primary so I’m in the same boat, holidays just starting before heading off! I get in Christmas Day though which I’m a little nervous about :sweat_smile:


Why do I get the suspicious feeling that there will be many teachers on this tour? Good ol’ summer holidays providing just enough time to get some epic adventures in!


I leave Aus on the 16th and am staying with my friend who is lucky enough to live in London, then I will be at the Wombats on the 26th! :grin:


Ahhh, nice one! I wish I had some more time to spend in London before/after the tour, but I’m sure I’ll be back again to do the UK properly anyway. :wink:


Tour has been booked and paid for! Can’t wait for this trip, its gona be EPIC!!!


Official welcome to the crew, Antony! Make sure you download the app and get involved in the group chat, ha. :wink:


I am all booked on this tour as well now! Found the group chat on the app so recognise a few of you! I am going to be at Wombats on the 25th and 26th I think depending on travel plans!


Make that another teacher for the trip! I am a 21 year old music and education student from Sydney. Super excited and keen to meet all of you :innocent:


Make that another teacher as well. I’m a primary teacher. I’ll be travelling with my sister. We’ll be at the Wombats Hostel on the 25th and 26th.

Looking forward to a cold Christmas and meeting all of you!!! :smile:


I am absolutely loving the fact that there will be bulk teachers on this trip, because teachers know how to have more fun! (Similar to that blonde theory, I think… :speak_no_evil:)

Keen to meet you all and to let loose at the end of the school year!


Solo Traveler here: Just booked this tour as well! Will be traveling to London on the 20th, before spending the next 6 days at the Wombats :slight_smile: Oh, and i’m a student as well, although a French and Literature student - rather than education one, haha.

Je parle un peu le français, donc j’espère que je vais bien en France.

Cannot Wait! :slight_smile:


So it’s your job to figure out what Parisian’s are trying to say then? Seems fair! I’m also an English teacher, so plenty to discuss on the topic of literature. Welcome. :smile: