Winter Spirit 26th November 2016


Hey guys!
Just wondering if anyone has booked the Winter Spirit leaving the 26th of November 2016?


Hi Olivia,
I have booked this trip! Are you going on these dates also?


I sure am! Can’t wait! Where are you from?


Ballarat in Victoria. You?


Coffs Harbour, Australia!
Are you going on your own ?


Yeh i am. Are you?


Are you getting to London earlier?


Yeh a couple of days before i think. What are your plans? How old are you?


I’m flying into London a few days earlier aswell still figuring out where I want to stay. I’m 21.


Oh cool. I think ill go over maybe 4 or so days before and stay at a hostel. Ive found some nice ones i think. Im 22. Do you have facebook? I’ll send you links so some of the hostels ive been looking at if you want.


Yes I do it could come up as private though but you can try searching Olivia Timothy


Hi Olivia! My name is Sonya and I have also just booked on this trip. I am 22 and from Melbourne :slight_smile: So pumped for it!


Yay! Message me on Facebook if you have it! Olivia Timothy


Hi Guys, Me and my friends has booked this trip on these dates too! We’re also from Melbourne. :smile:


Hi, where abouts in Melbourne?


Hello. I’m from Lalor and the others are from Heidelberg and Delahey.


Oh nice! Send me a message on Facebook if you want! My names Azlan Seery


Hi all ! My name is Leigh-Ann and I have just booked this trip for November as well. I am 20 years old and am travelling solo from Melbourne :blush:


Hi LeighAnn!!! Are you just doing the tour or travelling before/after?


Hi Aislinn ! I’m travelling for a month and a bit after the tour as well :slight_smile: I’ve also booked a 4 day Iceland topdeck tour !! What about you? What’re your plans ?