Winter spirit 26th Jan tour


Hey guys! I’m doing the winter spirit tour departing London on the 26th January! I’m from NZ but am currently living in London and am going on the tour solo. If anyone else is going on the tour feel free to comment I’d love to get to know a few people before going :blush:


I’m Paige :slight_smile:

My partner & I are doing a short tour; a sector of the Winter Spirit called “March on Rome”. We’ll be with you for 9 days before we finish up in Rome! Then we’ll go off and do our own thing…although we are pretty much going where all you are, anyway. Haha.

We’re from Victoria, Australia :slight_smile:


Hi Melanie and Paige! I’m Liya, a friend of mine and i are going on the winter spirit tour too! we’re from Aus :slight_smile: we made a fb group for the tour if you wanted to join and count down the days with us :stuck_out_tongue: