Winter Spirit 26 Jan 2017


Hi everyone,
I’m doing the Winter Spirit tour departing London 26 Jan 2017. I’m a solo traveller from Brisbane, so say hi if you’re booked for the same tour!


Hi Nikki!

Me and my partner will also be doing this tour :slight_smile:

I’ve never been to Europe before so I am really looking forward to it!



Hey! I’m doing this tour also a solo traveller from NZ but I live and work in London. Would be awesome to get to know a few people before the trip begins!! :slight_smile: I’m super excited, getting closer everyday!


Hey Melanie and Rachael!
Just under 6 months to go, yay! Where are you most keen to see? I think it’s Poland and the Swiss Alps for me :slight_smile:


Hey guys!
I’m Paige :slight_smile:

My partner & I are doing a short tour, a sector of the Winter Spirit called “March on Rome” - we’ll be with you all for 9 days until we finish up in Rome! Then we are going to head off and do our own thing…although we are pretty much going where you guys are, anyway. Haha.

We’re from Victoria, Australia.
I’m so excited! I’ve been to Europe before but I’ve never done a Topdeck.


I am so excited for the Swiss Alps! I’ve never seen snow before so I am especially looking forward to that! and the food <3 all the food hahaha


Hi Paige :slight_smile:

I am from Victoria as well! As soon as we get through winter here we are going to have winter over there hehe



Hey folks!

My mate and I are also coming along on this trip, super keen to explore Europe with y’all. We’re from Sydney, Australia, so if anyone wants to have a catch up before the trip, let us know!

We made a Facebook group for those who are coming along if you guys wanna join and have a chat beforehand!


Hi Everyone!
My name is Jess and I am from Sydney, Australia. So excited and looking forward to meeting you all :blush: