Winter Spirit 26 Dec 2010


Haven’t seen any post on this trip. Am I the only one? ???


It really seems like i’m gonna be alone on this bus. Nevertheless the fun continues…alone. Yepeee


Yeah… since i’m alone I can pack a Vuvuzela, blowing a storm all the way. Its gonna be the loudest.


I’m in!!
You ae not alone~


At last!! Just checked Pohang in South Korea. This is interesting as it seems there are only aussies on this trips


I think I may be joining you guys. I’m on the March on Rome tour leaving on the same date and going to the same places. Someone said the big trips join up with and drop off the smaller ones along the way so we may find ourselves on the road together! And… sorry but yes, I am yet another Aussie. I am living in Canada at the moment though so I hope that provides a lil bit of diversity :slight_smile:


This joining and dropping off worries me Caitlin. U see, I’m more interested in making friends, and i naturally need time to get used to people, hence the 24-day trip.


Well I didn’t know this existed, I’ll be on the trip so see you there! feel free to add me on