Winter Spirit 25th Nov 2010


Hey there!
Myself and two of my friends have booked in for this tour and are totally excited!! It’s going to be A MAZING! Is anyone else joining the party??!!


And one of those friends would be me!


Me Me Me! Yay two more Melbournians ! I’m going all on my lonesome, I cannot wait!


Add another two: My friend and I


Oh yay! Well my name is Megan and my friends are Kristen and Michelle! We are all soooo sooo exicted!!! Melbournian, where abouts in Melbourne are you from?? When is everyone getting to London???
So good to get some replies!!!


Hi Megan, I’m from Clayton in Melbourne. Getting to London the day before tour leaves. Staying at the Clink that night (where the tour leaves from the next morning). Cannot wait for this holiday. Been waiting for Europe for years and years.


Hi girls! I’m coming with aimeecm!!! SOOOO Excited! can’t wait! We are also arriving the day before the trip and staying at the Clink that night :slight_smile:


Heeyy! Me and my friends leave Melbs on the 22nd so we get there a couple of days before the tour, we are also staying at the clink!! Im from Pakenham and my friends are from Ashwood and Beaumaris!! We will all be 21! How old is everyone?? If you dont mind me asking? Cant wait!!!


I’m 23, Beaumaris huh! I grew up basically in Beau! Hehe. Maybe we can all have a drink the night before the tour leaves if we are all staying at the Clink.


Aimee and I are both 21 and sydneysiders… two months today till we leave for london!!!


That sounds great! (I’m Megs friend, Kristen), we should totally meet up at the clink for a drink! So glad to hear there are alot of aussies our age going! should be a good group!! im so excited its ridiculous…! Have to ask… what are you guys bringing in the way of a suitcase/luggage bag and also shoes? very stuck on the shoes …


I’m taking a backpack, they say peoples generally don’t take suitcases too much. So a backpack and daybag for me. Also, topdeck says to bring a sleeping bag for all winter tours as it’s freezing, so i got a cute new little one :slight_smile:
As for the shoes, a guy at a travel store told me to pack for a normal winter, no stress. So I’m taking some sturdy boots, a pair of comfy runners, and some ballet flats. Does that help?


hey guys! 2 more girls to add to the list, also from melbourne…im 20 and my friend is 21. we’re at the clink for 2 nights before the tour. cannot wait to leave melbourne!


@Kris10 in regards to the “suitcase/luggage bag” issue i havent really decided, i have a feeling with a backpack i might topple over…


NOT LONG NOW!!! WOOOO getting sooo excited! I decided today im taking a suitcase 1 becasue its my mums and its free lol and 2 because it has wheels! Im hope its all good and Im gonna try pack really light! has everyone got there info packs or whatever? me and my 2 friends still havent got ours because topdeck still hadnt sent them to student flights where we books! so annoying!! hopefully get them this week! And have any of you got the free sim thing or whatever we are meant to get, i think it will be too late for us to get ours because we havent got our info number or whatever it says we need to have! Whats everyone doing as far as phones go??
Im sure i’ll think of more questions starting organise things to pack!
cant wait!!


just another question who is taking a sleeping bag! my friend kristen called topdeck a while back and they said we DO then today she called them and said we DONT!! what are you guys all doing? :slight_smile:


My travel agent said they STRONG RECOMMEND taking a sleeping bag on all winter tours as it’s freezing. I’ve got my little travel one, they come so small these days, definately take one.


Hi Ladies!!!

Another Melbournian coming along! I’ll be staying at the clink the night before so I’d love to come along for the night before bevvy too.

You girls are super organised, I haven’t even thougt about packing yet… I did buy new boots though!

Cheers, L.


Hi there…

two more aussies girls to add… my friend and I are both 21.

Looking foward to catching you all the night before at clink



Yep its getting really exciting, except I still have exams so I havent had the time to fully get excited haha.
Looks like we’re all staying at the Clink the night before.

@Megs: we had trouble with getting our itinerary as well from our travel agent.

We just got a document outlining the days and where we are staying is that all we’re supposed to get?