Winter Spirit 24th of feb


is anyone else going on this tour?


Hi Anna,

Yep, booked and paid for last night! Can’t wait to go, I have packed my bag about 5 times already! In between all the research of where we are going. See you soon. :slight_smile:


oh my goodness!!! finally someone else

YAY im excited!

when do you get to london?


I arrive on the 1st of Feb, tried to get on the 3rd of feb trip but it was booked out, so I will just chill out for a few weeks before the trip. Haven’t sorted that part out yet!

There are too many things to think about! It’s driving me crazy! Are you all sorted? When do you arrive? where u staying? I haven’t sorted out accomodation, playing it by ear at the moment, as I might go a few places before the trip.

Well got to go and unpack, um-uh, and then pack again!


i get to london on the 22nd and im staying at the clink for a couple of days before and a couple after the tour. so keen for sightseeing!!!

ive been planning everything since september haha im still not completely finished haha now just trying to save money.



+1 :smiley:

i get into london on the 17th feb. couple days of chilling then. i still have abit of planning to do tho lol. looking forward to it!



welcome rob!


Hey Anna and Rob,

Will catch up with u in the UK I have packed my bag for the last time, seriously! I travel to Sydney tomorrow then on Monday to London!!! My adventure begins! I will be checking out some hostels whilst I am in London, haven’t booked any yet! I’ll do it eventually, or I might just rock up and see whats what! Will probably stay at the Clink or close by the night before the trip. Haven’t planned that far yet. Too many things to think about. I’ll let u know later on how I go. Hope we get a few more on the trip, I asked Topdeck but they never got back to me. ah well more room on the bus for us! c u soon! m:)


AWWWW WOW good luck with everything!!!

we should have some drinks the night before if we are all at the clink :smiley:

see you soon yay :slight_smile:


In London finally! look at before you fly to check out which seats r the best, it was worth it! Im at the YHA StPancras for a few days, checked out the Clink, seems ok, typical backpackers. Will book in probably day or 2 before tour and same after. Take the express train from Heathrow to Paddington Student 13.5 pounds (15mins) then (got an oyster card here) the underground Hammersmith/city (pink line) to Kings Cross St Pancras (15min). Otherway is cheaper (8.5 pounds) but about 1.5h long. I wanted to avoid peak hour with all my bags. Not really cold here, but will need beanie, scarf and gloves, fleece jumper, tights or leggings under jeans would be good, but I’ve been good without them (leggings). Thanks British Library for the free wifi!


great to hear you made it safe n sound :slight_smile: how was the flight? long… lol. any plans with your time before the spirit trip? just site seeing n chilling?

so much for my planning of late, stupid cyclone!! so have to get stuck into it this week! :S only 11 days till i head over now, cant wait. when did you head over anna?

ps. im always up for drinks :smiley:


yaya this just makes me more excited!!! thanx for the info!!!

OOO rob where are you from? i used to live in cairns.
im still in australia :smiley: i leave on the 20th of feb! so god damn excited. we’ll be in florence for my birthday too! who are you flying with?



Helllooooo, I’m in Bath, can’t find any toga parties here though…hhmmm maybe not the right weather. Rob my flight was great, didn’t sleep till after my stop over in Hong Kong (1.5H) Did a movie marathon, it was great! That leg was about 8h, then its 13h till UK so I had a decent sleep in this leg and got in at about 5.30am so slipped into town just before peak hour. If you have one of those u neck pillow bring it! I didn’t but am thinking of getting one for our trip. I got bored of London so jumped on a bus (National Express - Victoria train/coach station) (also look at Mega bus) cheaper than train, to Salisbury to see Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral, now it’s the Roman Baths then who knows, I’m just making it up day by day. I will go back to London a few days before the trip so do a few things before the trip.

Make sure you have your International Student ID card about $25 from travel agent, and if under 26 get a Youth card as well, you will save massive amounts of money using these!

Rob be happy the cyclone didn’t suck all your stuff into the sky! If you forget something u can go to Primark (opposite Marble Arch station) like BigW, and there is a grocery store near the clink too.

Did you guys want to make a time to meet for drinks?

I also used to live in Cairns at Trinity Links Golf Resort.


awesome awesome!! im still at work! haha have you been shopping much?

so gonna have to get one of those youth cards.

drinks sounds AWESOME. ill be at clink from the 21st.

ha cool. i used to live at the beaches complex in smithfield


hey hey (lol forgot my login details for a while)

long time. well… i was from townsville. now im in london! :smiley: loving the weather too.

im currently stayin at the st christopers inn in camden. yet to check in. here for a few nights then at the clink for two nights before we head off. 22nd n 23rd.
singapore airlines was… a decent walk lol. no free wireless or powerpoints there. i brought a neck pillow but barely used it lol. mind you i spent nearly all of the first leg drinking and playing games (qantas).

hope all is well n will see yous shortly :slight_smile:
catch yas


Hey Rob,
Welcome to LONDON!!! I’m staying at the Clink76 for the next week till our tour starts. If you need free wifi then go to the British Library next to King Cross station (opp YHA) on Euston RD. It opens at 9.30 and closes maybe 6ish. You can sometimes get a powerpoint if you look hard enough or know where to look! They have little study benches as well but these fill up quickly with people studying. Or my other fav is Macca’s! You just have to register with them, v easy, and you log onto MyCloud, I do this in the other towns that I visit as not all library’s will let you have free internet, some have free 15-30min dropin.

Anna I can’t fit anything else in my bag at the moment so I only window shop! I have sent some presents home though.

Doing the rest of my research on the places we are going, so many cool things to see!

chat later


Helllooo people!
I fly out tomo getting to London at 4 45 am on the 21st. Getting very excited but very nervous too haha.

How’s the weather over there?

Definitely looking forward to a movie marathon on the plane!!

Im a little worried on gonna go overboard with the shopping but oh wel
Have either of you thought about going sky diving in the Swiss alps? I think I’m going to as a birthday present to myself as my birthday is 2 days after. Just hoping Im not the only one haha

See you guys soon !oxo


weather… well i love it, but i hate the heat. i manage with a jumper and gloves with two shirts and jeans. gets abit cool at night tho with the wind. may have to whip out the scarf and beanie lol. raining on n off today, tho i managed to see the sun a couple days ago!

i have free internet and power where im staying. doesnt the clink?? whats the clink like?? st christophers inn in camden isnt too bad, room mates had a snoring competition last night tho lol. not many people staying htere speak english tho, mostly french which makes conversation a challenge.

sky diving might be aspur of the moment decision, see how cold it is hahha.

what are yous up to after the tour staying on for a while or heading home?

catch yas
fly safe anna!


Have a great flight Anna, seriously make sure you have some room in your luggage for some shopping/gift etc take note of how much ur bag weighs at checkin then u will have a good idea on how much u can buy, u can always send things home but that can get pricey. If u have room then it gives u a good reason to go shopping!

Sky diving will depend on the weather, I do love it, but it will be a choice made on the day. I am sure either way that there will be others doing it.

At the Clink u pay for wifi access same as with the YHA, I will double check about doing it with ur own computer. If u like being a sardine then its great! u only have a valuables locker at the head of the bed, and this can not fit a regular 13’’ laptop, it might fit those small ones in it, if u jam it in. But it will fit your other stuff in it. There are some lockers in a couple of hallways that u can use to lock up bigger items, bring a lock that has at least 2cm gap between loop sides, and have a smaller lock for your bag. When I checked in a girl had her purse stolen from her handbag whilst she was sleeping, then I found out she was in my room!!!

There are no hooks in the rooms either and no place to hang ur towel, annoying! Free breckie toast and cereal. It a bit of a rabbit warren too, but u will figure it out or just keep walking!

I have a 2 year working visa so I will be staying on after the trip, I don’t know what I will be doing as I have applied for a job and waiting to hear back from them. I will probably stay in London for a few days to recuperate! then make plans after that.

OK how about we all meet at the Clink on 23rd at 8pm, on the front steps, if u dont turn up then we shall meet the next day.

Karen ;D


I weighed my bag at home and it’s was 12.5kg so plenty of room :slight_smile:

That’s true weather will play a big part. Guessing going with ‘we are gonna have perfect wearer for everything’ hahah

So there’s no lockers in the rooms for backpacks ?

8pm it is !! Definitely be there.

Thanx guys sure it will be a long flight !!! Haha