Winter Spirit 24th Nov 2011


Hey is anyone else booked into this tour?

Cannot wait! ;D


I’m all booked in! Making final payment tomorrow.
Super excited :slight_smile:


Oh yay! Another person haha :slight_smile:


I’m also booked!


Another person all booked! Can’t wait, will be amazing


I am also booked into this tour. Very excited about it, should be really fun! :slight_smile:


I’m also going, so excited:)


Are many people going by themselves or with friends?


I’m going by myself, and I’m going to make friends :slight_smile:


yeah, I am the same.


I am going with a friend :slight_smile: It is her first trip overseas so it shall be very interesting haha


I’m going by myself too. I’m planning on travelling around the rest of europe for 2 months after this tour, will hopefully meet up with some friends along the way


I am also going alone and also traveling for 2 months after the tour. Meeting up with friends at different points though.


Glad to see other people booked!!

Borna - I’m doing the same thing as you!


Im coming on this tour too! :slight_smile: I am SO EXCITED! It is going to be amazing! Are any of you staying at the Clink the night before we start our tour?


hey, im booked to stay at the clink the night before the tour and the night after. so excited!!!


oh my gosh! we are Twins! ;D Im doing that too, i was so nervous, its so nice to know that someone else will be in the same boat as me! Our tour is going to be so much Fun!! I cannot wait!


well ive heard some similar stories, but i think that the convenience of staying in the hotel that the tour departs from is its big selling point. also i would assume that a lot of the people staying there are on tours and therefore it is a good place to meet people. in terms of the whole prison feeling, i think that is the point / theme of the hotel given it is called the clink.


I’ve heard both good and bad things about the clink…I’ll be there for two nights before the tour kicks off


I am also staying at the clink before the tour starts as well. Should be interesting way to start the my trip considering the reviews. :slight_smile: