Winter Spirit 24 Nov or Berlin NY?


Just seeing if anyone is going/or thinking about… the Winter Spirit tour leaving on November 24th?
Or on the New Year short trip in Berlin?

Thanks ;D


Hey, i am doing Winter Spirit leaving 24th nov. Have you booked or still deciding? Im traveling solo should should be good fun. What about you, going with others or solo?
Amy :slight_smile:


I’m also solo, haven’t booked yet but so incredibly keen! :slight_smile: Going to see travel agent tomorrow so hopefully tomorrow will be the day!
Are you doing more travelling before/afterwards, or during christmas or new year?

So glad to see that someone else is doing it!



Well i have all my family in England so will be there for the majority, in the new year think im going to NYC for a week. Ideally wanted to to a tour in summer or at least longer one that includes for countries, but due to uni holidays can only really go in winter. I glade to c someone else is looking at coming.


Yeah I’m the same with uni holidays. It’s only really worth going overseas during the end of year break, which is a bit of a pain! Yeah, it’s going to be absolutely freezing… which I haven’t quite gotten my head around yet (considering I’ve lived my whole life in Queensland!)

Anyway, I’ll let you know when I book! Glad I’ve someone else! Haha


[b]Hey guys, my fiance and i have booked for this trip, cant wait…sex,drugs and rock and roll, isnt that what happens in Europe, JOKES!
find the best pub and sit down and play four kings, hahahaha, NOT JOKING.



Good to hear that others are coming :slight_smile:


On this trip too with my friend :smiley: Soooo keen! Shall be a great way to get away from the constant study :smiley:


I’m on the Winter Spirit, all booked!

I’m leaving the trip one stop early, going to stay the night in Bruges (hopefully) then off to Paris for five nights (just by myself) then to Switzerland for christmas/new years to see a great friend who lives there.

Anyone planning to do anything like this afterwards?


I am on the winter spirit, traveling by myself! :slight_smile: after i am hopefully going to go down to spain for 5 days, then back to london to do christmas and new years with friends. Will be a blast…


I’m also doing the same trip (Winter Spirit) by myself. Can’t wait!