Winter Spirit 23rd December 2010


Hey Everyone,

I was curious to see who else will be joining me on this tour, departing London on the 23rd of December.
I am from the lovely city of Brisbane and this will be my first time flying to Europe by myself. (All very exciting)

Hope to hear from anyone!




I’m doing the 19th December Winter Spirit. Really looking forward to it.



I did the Winter Spirit late last year. It will forever go down as one of the greatest experiences of my life (until I go overseas again :P). There were a few up and down moments, but in general it was awesome…I just wish I had enough money to go o/s again this year.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:


@ Anasatasia
Wonderful! Who knows… it’s only four days between our tours… we may see each other… at the Clink if you’re staying there.

@ Salsparilla
Two questions at the moment… which optional activities did you do? And were they worth it? Also… you’ll find the money. Be optimistic.

Why can it not be December already?


I was actually surprised as to how many optionals there were…and it was really easy to opt in and out of them (or at least our tour leader was totally cool with it)

I’ve only mentioned the ones I did, there were a few more options in some of the larger cities though.

River Cruise
River Cruise was not worth it for what it was - utterly boring BUT it was good to start getting to know the group better.
Cabaret again, I didn’t like it particularly, but it was a chance to get to know the rest of the group.

Jungfrau: Was awesome. It was a bit of a shame that the day we went up was -19 and a virtual wipeout, but it was a cool experience.

Florence: I didn’t do any optionals…not sure there was any. BUT if you get a chance climb the Duomo. exhausted me but the view was so worth it.

Vatican tour: Tour wasn’t bad, but we wasted a lot of time on it. By the time we finished we literally had to RUN to get to visit other places.
T-Shirt: I got the ‘commerative t-shirt’. Tad expensive, but it’s a nifty souvenier.

Gondola Ride: It was lame, but it had to be done. Most of the group did it and we all had a bit of a laugh about it.

Salzburg: I didn’t do either optional.
The choice was skiing or a sound of music tour. My room mates all did one or the other and loved them both.

Vienna: Mozart music concert. Would have been worth it had I been feeling better - but I was a little ahem worst for ware after a late night in Salzburgh looks shifty. It was pretty awesome though - and I suggest go for the dinner and concert, not just the concert.

Budapest: No optional from what I remember. We also got there on Christmas eve, so there was a lot of things closed…I’d love to go back there.

Krakow: I didn’t do the optionals, but there was the Saltmines. Those who went absolutely loved them.

Prague: Again, I don’t remember what the optional was, so I clearly didn’t do it (there may not have been any though…)

Berlin: 3rd Reich tour: TOTALLY worth it in my opinion. It was bucketing down in snow, -12 and such a sombreing experience. It was fascinating.
Night Life Tour: I planned to do this, and was psyched, but I contracted bronchitis and was told I needed bed rest. Never got my hasselhoff t-shirt either…which is saddening :slight_smile:

Canal Cruise: Again, wasn’t that great, but it was our last night, so most of us did it as a goodbye style thing.
Sex show: Wasn’t what I expected, and many found it to be a let down in some ways…but we were in amsterdam…what else was there to do.

Hope that helped…if I went back I wouldn’t bother with half of them again, but it was my first time over there and some things just needed to be ‘ticked off the list’.

Jungfrau and 3rd Reich tour were my outstanding favourites though.


Hey Matt,
I am going on the same trip 23rd of dec we are staying 3 days prior and 3 days after in london. There is 4 of us going. Cant wait will be awsome!!!
For those who have been before seriously how much spending money will I need?


@ Salsparilla
That sounds absolutely amazing… I want it to be December already… I’m sick of uni for the moment… it’d be great to get out of Australia.

@ Adventures
Oh wow! It’s good to find someone else who is going! Well I arrive in London on the 20th… so i suppose that’s 3 days as well… where are you staying? I haven’t booked anywhere yet but am considering the hostel that the bus leaves from… I don’t know anywhere else in London. Looking forward to meeting the four of you!


It’s great to see that the tour is a guaranteed departure now. Julia, I look forward to meeeting you on tour. I’m actually picking up the tour in Paris as I have a weeks accommodation beforehand.

Stacey :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,
Me and my friend will also be joining you all on this tour. We arrive in London on the 22nd.
Cant wait, Looking forward to it.


Hey Matt I’m from brisbane too and am either going to go on this tour or the one departing on the 26th od Dec!
I am also going by myself for the first time which is going to be the scariest/ exciting thing i’ve ever done!

Hope to meet you



Hey guys,
It’s good to hear of (potentially) another three people joining me on this tour! Don’t worry about it Lindsey… I’ll be travelling by myself as well… first time overseas by myself… and I’m nothing but excited!

Looking forward to meeting everyone… can’t wait!



Hey guys
How are you all? I was just wondering if anyone who is arriving before the tour has booked accomodation yet? Me and my friend are staying in London a few days either side of the tour and are just looking around to find some accomodation.

Melissa :slight_smile:


Hey there Melissa,

I’ve actually gone ahead and booked to stay at the Clink Hostel before and after the two (two nights previous and 5 nights afterwards). I know it’s where the bus leaves from, but I didn’t really want to be running around trying to get there at 6 in the morning with public transport and everything. I’m not sure on any other places around there, who knows, there might be some little hidden gem that’s even better and just around the corner.

Good luck on your hunting!


Hey there everyone,
Hearing of all the possible travel buddies make the trip sound more real … atm the saving of spending money isnt going so well how much do you all plan on taking for spending??? I think we will prob stay at the Clink hostel to but atm have not organised any accom! We are staying a few days either side of the tour also so be good to be close to the pick up drop off spot!

@Stacey you will have to be our Paris tour guide and tell us the good spots :slight_smile:
@Matt was accom cheap at the clink?
@Mellissa let me know where yas end up staying.
@Lindsey i just found out my friend is booked on the dec 26th trip and shes travelling alone so eiether way you’ll have some nice crew :slight_smile:

Talk soon


Hi Julia,

The Top Deck recommendation of €EURO a day is pretty on the mark. On a standard non-driving day this is how it would normally go:

Breakfast - Included
Town/City - a museum ranges between €8-12. If you buy a souvenier add another €2-5.
Lunch - €15. This is basically something to eat and drink. A Coke costs around €3.50, so even if you don’t spend the full €15 at lunch, there will be other snacks throughout the day.
Town/City - sightseeing - probably between €15-20 again.
Dinner - mostly included. If it’s not, the average cost is €25-30. Add a couple of drinks at around €5 and you average about €20 per day for dinner and drinks.

This works out at pretty much smack bang on €60 per day. So for 24 days you’ll need about €1,500 which is about $2,300AUD.

Hope this helps.

Stacey :slight_smile:


Hey there Julia,

I actually booked the clink through Topdeck… you or your travel agent can call them and they can sort it out for you. It’s costing me $50 a night. I’m not sure what sort of room that is though, as on the Clink website there are various prices for different rooms. If you want to stay in a hotel… then there is a travelodge across the road. I believe it is called Travlelodge Farringdon. Not exactly sure on prices for it though.

In any case, good luck on the accommodation front.



Hey Julia,

Really sorry to do this to you. I am considering going elsewhere for my accomodation when in London. Haven’t decided where yet, but I have just been reading far too many bad reviews and horror stories about people’s experiences at the Clink, and also for some reason at the Travelodge. Would probably be a good idea to hunt around the area to see if there is anything decent. Will let everyone know where I end up.



Hey Matt,
Thanks for the heads up on that. Still haven’t got accomodation but fingers crossed soon, our travel agent is looking for us, so as soon as i know a good place i will pass it onto you all.



Hey guys,

My friend and I are also coming on the Winter Spirit 23rd December! Glad to see so many people are coming already :slight_smile:
Looking forward to meeting everyone!



hey everyone hit me up on facebook so we can get chatting :slight_smile: