Winter Spirit 22 November 2012


Hi! My friend and I are going on this trip. So keen to go! Who else in joining us?



Hi everybody! I am Bernice’s friend :slight_smile: We are very excited! Anybody joining us?


I am =)…I’m from Auckland, New Zealand…where are you guys from?



Hi! We’re from South Africa. Is this your first European tour?


I am on this trip too - going solo! First time overseas on my own. It’s heaps exciting though!


So stoked to meet new people. Where are you from Kelly? We’re joining you guys in Paris but ending in London. Want a few extra days in the city of lights. Are you guys all starting from London?


Hi! I’m from Australia. I am starting from London - I have three days in London staying at the Clink Hostel before we leave and three days there again when we get back to London.

I’m travelling by myself so it should be scary, but good to meet new people!


We’ra staying at the Clink too after the tour. It looks very cool on the web. Wish these next 7 months will just fly by. Already stressing about what to pack, LOL.


I know what you mean! I bought a backpack the other day to bring. I am already concerned about the cold weather! I hope they fly by too! They will, time always does :slight_smile:


hi all
im thinking of doing this tour im just not sure what dates to book
im from Gladstone, Aus
Im doing the Russia-Scandi tour leaving on the 8th july aswell and i am trying to decied what i want to do for the rest of the time i am in europe



Hi Ryan,

This tour looks great - I am so excited! It’s already a guaranteed departure so hopefully there are a few others around who have booked for these dates too.


Hi Ryan!

Nothing beats winter in Europe. The skiing, the gluwine and the Christmas decorations are all awesome. Join us! It’s going to be great!


i was thinking of booking it after i completed my other tour to see how i enjoyed that type of traveling and also budgeting with how much i will spend
a winter thats cold will be a big difference to me im used to being able to still go to the beach in winter


Hi all
My boyfriend and I will also be on this trip.
We are from victoria, Australia
Can’t wait to meet you all and get started :slight_smile:


Wow! It looks like the Ausies are well represented. Hehe. Luckily we’ll all understand why the idea of a cold December is weird.


Hi all, I’m doing the Winter Rhapsody (which is day 7-24 of winter spirit) on the 28th of November so ill be joining you guys in Rome on day 7!! just a little pumped!. Travelling solo and I’m from Tasmania so another Australian to add to the mix ;). SO EXCITED!


hey all. thought i would introduce my self. I am claire from Victoria Australia. I am going on this trip alone and starting in London and cant wait!!!


Hey guys, I’ve just booked this trip too! so excited :slight_smile:

I’m going to join in Paris (does anyone know how we select this option, I assume closer to the departure date?) and stay in London for a few days after. Might book the Clink if others are staying there?

Also, first time travelling to Europe, and first time travelling alone!

I’m from Perth, Australia


Hi! Karin and I are also starting from Paris and staying in London after. We’ve booked into the clink. Your travel agent is supposed to specify where you are starting the trip from. They will then send you the meet-up time and place in Paris with your final papers. Where are you staying in Paris?


I booked online so will have to call up topdeck and arrange my start in paris!

Havent booked a hostel in paris yet - still trying to find the best place to stay. I was thinking of staying at the YHA london central or oxford street for my 3 nights in london after. It has really good reviews on hostel world! (though is a bit more expensive). Will look into the clink though as it seems lots of topdeck people will be staying there.

Trip planning is the best procrastination from uni - so far not getting much uni work done (in a lecture now :p)