Winter Spirit 22 March 2012


Just wondering who else is booked on this tour?
Getting excited and it is still a few months away!

Jodie :slight_smile:


Hey Jodie, I am going on this one too! I am doing it as the start of a working holiday so I know where I want to go back and visit when living over there. I’m flying in 2 nights before and not sure what I’m doing yet. What about you?? :slight_smile:


Hey! I am going on this tour as well and it will be the start of a working holiday for me too! I can’t wait! Are you staying for long after the tour Jodie? What are your plans Lily? :slight_smile:


Hi Lily and Emma

I am arriving in London on the 18th of March, but only staying at clink the night of the 21st. Once we get back Im heading over to Ireland to do a 3 day tour with Paddywagon tours, maybe back to london for a few days (havent decided yet) and then over to Turkey for the 5 day Anzac day tour, then back home.

This will be my first time travelling alone, so slightly nervous, but getting really excited!

Have you recieved any docs from topdeck for the tour yet?



Hey guys!

I’m all booked and ready to go on this tour too!
Im arriving in London a week before hand though, staying at the Clink.
Getting VERY excited!!

Jodes - This is my first time travelling alone aswell! Im getting pretty nervous about it too, completely understand where you’re coming from.

Brooke (:


Hey guys.

I am looking at booking this tour in the next few days, just waiting on my friends leave to get sorted out. Army and paperwork don’t work well together… Currently looking at flying into London on the 19th March. Not sure what we are going to do from then until the tour starts. We’ll probably just wing it.

I’m getting pretty keen, hopefully it will be an awesome group.



im going to be joining this tour in rome on the 28th for the last 18 days, very much looking forward to it … should be awesome!


Hi. I will also be joining you in Rome, with the Winter Rhapsody tour. How exciting!!!

-Chris, will you be arriving a day early?


im doing this tour too :slight_smile: staying in ireland for the week beforehand! also havent travelled this far by myself, kinda nervous but excited to go!!


hey everyone
I am doing this tour but am also joining in Rome so a week into it.




Fantastic. Can’t wait to meet everyone!

Has anybody recieved anything from topdeck yet?


hey guys, my mate and I are now booked and paid for! did it today and took advantage of an expo and got it a little cheaper… we will be meeting you all the day before at clink… if anyone wants to add…

Jodie, don’t quote me on it, but i heard you get it about 2 weeks before departure… I know when I did a Contiki it was about 2 weeks before when I got all the docos…


Hey guys! I am booked for this tour! I am super excited. Staying at the clink in London the day before the trip.

See you all soon.



Hey Guys

Fantastic, Cant wait to meet you! Ill be at the Clink the night before as well, I land in London on the 18th, but staying at a hotel and meeting up with family for the few days.

What are you doing after the tour? Im heading over to Ireland for a few days and doing a short tour with Paddywagon.

Jodes :slight_smile:


i already got my itinery… anyone else?


Hi Katie

I recieved mine a couple of days ago. Getting close - today at work I was thinking ‘This time in a month I will be in Paris’



raydrian, im going to fly over the morning of the 28th from london. i spoke to the campsite and there is a shuttle bus that will come pick you up from the airport, unfortunately ive taken off as much time from work as possible so going to be arriving on the day.


Ok, great! Thanks for getting back to me, Chris. I’ll see you and everyone else then ::slight_smile:

ps Thanks to Jodes for creating the forum and facebook groups :slight_smile: Nice!


Hey Jodie/Emma/everyone,

Sorry for the really slow reply. Apparently this forum’s notification to email when you get a reply doesn’t work at all!! And then I forgot to check!

I am arriving on the 20th, staying with a friend for a day and a half trying to get bank account etc and then somehow gonna haul myself there at the crack of dawn, probably jetlagged. Am really looking forward to the tour though!!

Only just got my docs on Friday, pretty slack compared to Contiki. Also notice they don’t give you any info on what activities you might be doing or how expensive they are - hmm!

Afterwards I am staying with the same friend at Acton but happily catch up with anyone staying on as I’ll be jobless and bored, looking to do all the freebie stuff and making the most of it while I can (if we’re not all sick of each other by then :slight_smile:

Please come and say hi if you see me - I’ll be the one with black hair and little blue backpack looking very unhappy to be awake that early :wink:


hey mates
My name is Matthew.
Im a canadian bloke that been backpacking downunder for a year now… im broke and still wasn’t finished traveling just yet so i just booked this tour kind of last minute. I booked on Mar.6. Just got the docs and such now. Hoping that this is a fun tour, im sure it will be. Can’t wait to meet you all.

Also just wondering… for the optional activities… where/how do you sign up for them?? I got everything emailed to me since im not home and if they were to mail stuff to me i would probably end up having left Oz by the time they got here. And in the email it just shows a list of optional things but not how to sign up for them. Can anyone help??

Can reply here or my email

Thanks for those who can help =)
Also just wondering what kind of optionals everyone is taking.

Catch ya!x