Winter Spirit 22 Dec


Hey there,
Just keen to see if anyone is thinking bout doing this trip or have already booked? Be stupid booking it if barely anyone is going to do it! get in touch,


Hi there
I was going to do that one but was just out of reach with my budget
Im doing the winter express on 13th december and so far havent found anyone doing that tour and im alone so far hahah
maybe consider that one??


Hi Calum and Alana,

yes, I am booked on the Winter Spirit tour on the 22nd December. I am now starting my official countdown as it keeps me going through the long work days. I have spoken to a few of people both on this site and on Facebook who are booked on the same tour; and it is registered as ‘Guaranteed Departure’, so it’s fairly safe to say that the tour is all systems go.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Alley :slight_smile:


Hey thanks for the replies!
Sorry Alana, but im doing a Gap year and dont finish school until the 20th of december so that trip on the 13th is out! But just spend the extra money and do the longer trip! Looks like it will be well worth it!!!


Hey there,
It looks as though I’ll be joining you on this trip!! My winter Getaway trip has been cancelled so I’m going to do this tour, now that I have re-organised my trip I am very excited!!! :smiley: