Winter Spirit 22 Dec 2011



I will be doing this tour as well, by myself. Very excited and cannot wait!!!


Wife and i are thinking of booking this one… (both under 30) Be interested to see if any other couples are booking on. My only downer would be to spend toooooo many nights not together :-[


lol we’ve never attempted the single bed thing before and don’t intend to! it’s nice (and logistically simpler) to be in the same room though.
Might be a change though, my brother is/was coming but work means we might have to look at the 29th dec non-guaranteed departure. Pity but financially better…


Sorry guys I got a bit confused whilst putting up post, must be all the excitement about going to the EU…were actually going 29 Dec tour…see corresponding post!!!

Have a blast!


My friend and i are going on this tour! I’ve never been to europe before so very excited! Went out shopping for thermals and a backpack the other week :slight_smile: can’t wait!


Hey all,
I’m also going on this tour. When are people arriving in London? and has anyone organised any accommodation for before hand?


We are getting in on the 18th of Dec and staying with my friends brother who lives in london for a few nights, and then the night before we are staying at the clink, the hostel where the tour leaves from. The tour starts at 6am or something so will be easier to be there the night before :slight_smile: ive had some friends stay there before too and they liked it.


I will be staying at the clink the night before as well, looking forward to the trip.


Hello. I’m Sam’s friend :slight_smile: I have been to Europe before but very much looking forward to it again. Only a couple of months now, getting exciting.


Hi fellow travellers! im rolling this trip solo to! so many of us are from Australia! how cool is that! although… what are we doing missing out on Australia’s lovely summer?? ahh well will be so worth it!!
im getting to London on the 20th… only gives me one day to get over jetlag… i hope i’ll be ok!
cant wait to meet you all!


Hi guys, I’m Natalie and my friend Angela and I will be doing this tour. We’re staying at the Clink for four nights beforehand. Can’t wait to get it started - how am I ever going to get through the next five weeks of work?? Looking forward to meeting you all. ;D


Hey everyone, I’m Selina and I’ll be joining you on this tour as the Getaway tour has been cancelled!

Im from Australia too and I’m arriving on the 20th and staying at Clink too!!!

I can’t wait! This trip is going to be THE BEST! ;D