Winter Spirit 22/12/17 - 14/01/18


Hey guys just wondering if anyone is doing this 24 day tour starting on the 22nd of December this year. It would be cool to get to know some people before we spend almost a month travelling Europe together.


Hey! A friend and I are doing this tour :slight_smile: we are flying over from Australia.


Oh awesome! We’re flying from Australia too :slight_smile:


Great, we also join that.


Awesome! :+1:t3:


I would be the one going with @Nat_Antunovich. where are you guys from in aus


We are about an hours drive from Sydney. What about you guys?


We are just south of coffs harbour


Oh nice. When are you guys flying out?


Im doing it!!


I am thinking of doing this tour! I’d be flying from Aus:)


I am doing this tour and flying out from Aus on the 19th! :smile:


Hey everyone! My boyfriend Morgan and I are doing this tour, we are so excited! Cannot wait to meet you all! We are from North Queensland and are looking to escape the awful heat!


Hi all! We are (my bestie and I) flying from NZ :slight_smile: feeling very excited – anyone keen to see Moulin Rouge while we are in Paris? Night of 23rd!