Winter Spirit 21st Jan 2010


Hey a friend and i are going on the winter spirit trip from the 21st of january till the 13th of February just wondering if anyone else was going on this trip is well. [br][br]Lauren.


Hey Lauren, Im also doing this trip!! Im very excited and can’t wait, not long to go now! Im a little worried about the weather though!! [br][br][br]Jonesy


Hey Jonesy, [br]Great i found someone else who is also going, i was a little bit worried that no one else was going on this trip lol. So where abouts in aus are you from? My friend and i are from newcastle, nsw. I know where both mega excited, first time to europe should be an amazing trip. Yeh the weather is a little worrying oh well it will be an experience! We’ll be going from one extreme to another lol. [br][br]Lauren


[br][br][br]Yeah same, i posted twice and no one replied lol so i rang topdeck and they confirmed our trip is guarenteed depature!! [br]I am from a small town called Glossodia about 15 mins west of Richmond NSW. Your only bout an hour and half from me!![br]Its my first time really seeing Europe and im going on my own, I have been to Greece and the uk, but want to see more!! You get the travel bug once you start and you dont want to stop!! [br]Definately will be an experience, im just taking lots of warm jackets/jumpers and scarves!! [br]Oh also my name is Leah! Are you guys doing anything before the trip? leaving from the uk? Im staying at the generator hostel the night before! Cant Wait![br][br][br]Jonesy


Also how old are you guys?? Im 21.[br][br]Jonesy


Hey, thats great i was a little bit worried that our trip wasnt going to go ahead because i havent seen anything on it in this chatroom. lol Yeh its mine and my friend allies first time seeing europe were heaps excited. Allie and i have been to vanatu and ive been to bali is well. Greece that sounds amazing i think thats next on our list of places to visit lol. I know what you mean about the travel bug lol. Yeh im piling up the scarves and jumpers cause its going to be freezing lol. Were actually starting the trip in paris, we fly into paris on the 18th and are gonna spend 3days in paris before hand otherwise we dont get enough time in paris and then after the trip were spending an extra 3 days in london to see the How about you? By the trip both alex and i will be 19.


Awsome… i didnt even think to leave from paris. That wil be amazing!! I fly into London on the 13th of January and have hired a car to travel round the uk for a few days then i have i think 3 days in london after aswel!! Yeah i will definately be packing jumpers and scarves… im contemplating taking my snow jacket just in case aswel!! :slight_smile: and i think tights under pants might help to!! [br][br][br]Jonesy


hey guys,[br][br]I have replied to your individual posts and then i saw this one. the tour definitely won’t be empty as when i booked my travel agent said there were only two places left! I didn’t book until the 20th of december though. was a bit of a spontaneous trip:D are you guys taking sleeping bags? I saw on the website that it said to, but in the info i was given it didn’t[br][br]Lesley