Winter Spirit 2011 - 1st dec


Who have booked in for this tour that leaves on the 1st dec? also does anyone know if we need to take a sleeping bag? :slight_smile:


Hi Jemma,

I am going on this trip with my my girlfriend and one of my other best mates!! :slight_smile:

Its not really that far away now so its pretty exciting! haha

Im 90% sure we dont have to take a sleeping bag unless we think we are guna need it now hey…

A couple of people we have already met on here have made a facebook page for our trip too.
The link is!/groups/116894538397603/

Are you staying at the clink before the tour?


Hey Bryce,

Thanks i just requested to get added to the facebook group! I’m really excited for this trip its going to be amaing :D. Yeh I am staying at the clink the night before and before that im staying at another hotel. Are you staying at the clink ?


Yeah cant wait to get over there hey!! :smiley: Its not too far away now.

Yeah we are staying at the clink before and after the tour. We get to london on the 26th of november and staying at the clink til we leave on the tour…then staying there after the tour too.

Have you got nething planned for christmas/new years??