Winter Spirit 20 December


hey guys,

my friend and I are doing the winter spirit starting on the 20th of december.

interested to see if anyone is thinking about doing the same trip!


Sam and James


Hey there,

My name is David from Sydney ,

and I am also doing this trip !

Cant wait :slight_smile:


yeah man - we are keeen as a bean!


hey! im chloe from melb and i just booked this trip aswell!


heyy chloeee!

thats great you boooked the trip aswell - we were worried we were the only ones on the trip.

are you going by yourself?

we are from brisbane - we should totally catch up beforehand.

sam and james.


haha, yes going solo ! absolutely sounds like a great idea -

you guys excited?


Hi Guys,

My name is Caitlin, from Toronto, Im going on the same trip :slight_smile: just wanted to introduce myself and see if you wanted to meet up before!

Take Care


Hello guys
My names Cameron I’m from sydney Australia
Just booked this trip as well :slight_smile: can’t wait to go, first time in Europe and look forward
to meeting all of you
Take care


Hi all,
I’m really excited about joining this tour. It’ll be my first trip to Europe too. Can’t wait to get started.


hey everyone!
I am Bri and my friend Lisa and I have booked this tour.
very excited to meet you all.
one of the guys has started a facebook page too so check it out :slight_smile:


Hey Everyone,

Just about to book this trip as well…very last minute but so excited.

I too am a solo traveller from Canberra, Australia.

Looking forward to it :slight_smile: